Monday, June 23, 2008

Its a boy!

After nine months of intense desire to blog of the impending addition to our family and blind superstition stopping me from clicking the 'publish post' tab, finally D-Day arrived on the 4th of June. P and I are delighted to share with you that we are a happy threesome with our li'l son filling our lives and thoughts with love and laughter. The li'l person we'd christened 'Button' in our first sono (he looked as 'cute as a button' and as tiny as one, therefore!)made his entry blowing spit bubbles at us :)

It is difficult to articulate the feelings I went through on D-Day...pain is the last thing one remembers, and frankly labor pains are over rated, it is very do-able (and I was in labour for 14 hours before I took the epidural, so I KNOW!!).. elation is too mild a word, I was on a high for atleast 3 days and couldn't stop smiling as if I'd won all the golds in the Olympics...pride was another dominant feeling. I was immensely proud of becoming a mom and being part of a family as opposed to a couple...fear was mildly in the backdrop too. That my son should learn to be strong and brave and courageous in this mad bad world that we chose to bring him into.. protectiveness also found a place in the plethora of emotions. This tiny li'l person would depend on my husband and I for everything and we were d@mndenst sure that we would keep him healthy, happy and contented as best as we could.....Several others, too many to write down!

Life has changed and HOW! Sleep is a really rare commodity, but well, who cares! Never knew that burps would be a much awaited event :) Also, never knew that my husband would be so diligent in noting every single strand on Button's body. We are thrilled with every breath he takes... every move he makes... and I guess parenthood is as interesting and exciting as one makes it out to be...

to be continued... pics follow soon!