Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Button: 4 years of happiness!

Button is almost 4 - today being his star b'day! Many personality dimensions have changed dramatically in the last 1 year - Is it school? Is it Chennai? Is it the grandparents and indulgent family? Is it reduced time from me? Is it his observation and thinking? Maybe all of the above. 

On a good note, Button's memory is amazing. He is still able to recollect small details of our life in Bombay (which was a good 2 years ago). Also remind us where we went wrong at the most importune moment! He would make a good lawyer as he is very articulate, quite logical in his arguments, has a superb memory, but unfortunately has a HOT temper! 

Button's temper is fierce - emerges before you think it would, and vanishes in a minute. My in-laws say it reminds them of my husband when he was a child, my parents say it is my trait to the day! The question is how to tackle it? How to ensure that hitting or screaming when things don't go his way are not good attributes? 

On the physical side, he is still catching up on some milestones like riding a cycle or hopping.  But we suspect it is his inclination or rather dis-inclination to not do them, than really a developmental issue :) 

He is growing up much too fast - he croons to his cars every night, uses the iPad and iPhone like a pro (even downloads updates or new apps), talks like a teenager, likes his own space ("Mom, please close the door behind you, and do not disturb me, for 5 minutes at least... please?") and understands books far beyond his age (is onto 6+  books).

He is still my baby - gets scared at the mention of bugbears(!!!),  prefers to co-sleep with us, wants a cuddle and kiss morning, noon and night, likes mashed rice with dal and ghee and most of all, has a baby-lisp especially when he speaks in Tamil.

This year is going to be a big year in terms of growth for him - from wearing uniforms for the first time to many other changes that we have in store for him. Seeing him cope and grow will be a wonderful experience in life for us (as if he isn't already a great teacher !). Here's wishing you a lovely 4th b'day - hope you like your McQueen bag and Dr.Seuss books we got for you. Am sure you'll love the Singapore trip we have lined up next week.