Monday, June 01, 2009

Best Laid Plans and Mr.Murphy

I am beginning to love and respect my mom more than before :) Seriously, planning a b'day lunch for a few friends is turning out to be more exhausting than I thought it could be.

* The cake guys do not deliver on Button's b'day.
* The restaurant has announced a hike in its buffet rates effective June 1st (Drat, why couldn't have Button been a May baby?)
* The driver decides he wants to quit.
* The balloon seller/decorator has to go to his village to attend his cousin's brother-in-law's neighbour's cat's wedding. Sheesh!
* My parents have come down with the flu, and I am yet to recover.
* The husband has to plan a launch of some product this month only, so comes home like a thief after ten and leaves before we wake up. Only his dirty clothes on the floor are traces of his visit.
* The husband announces TODAY(4 days before the lunch) that he hasn't invited the 3 people that I'd asked him to call as he did not have time. Solution? "Lets not invite them", he says. (Men, I say!)
* The husband buys lovely clothes from Baby Gap for Button from Singapore. I opened the bag today to check his taste and ALL of the clothes are T-shirts. I am going to dress Button in a t-shirt and diaper. Bah!
* My cook and maid want an off the same weekend as the lunch. The babysitter is yet to announce her claims or join the maid's union.

Mr.Murphy, I have scores to settle with you. Just you wait!