Monday, August 25, 2008

'Pee' Time tales

Warning: If baby tales of peeing and pooping scare you, scroll down no further!


Now Button pees funnily. His (ahem) asset stands up like a cannon ready to fire and then starts moving randomly on its axis in any direction it chooses and fires. Sometimes like an irrigation sprinkler in all directions! When he was about 3 weeks old, I was changing his diaper one day, when it stood up alarmingly. I decided to wait and see where he would pee and was betting furiously with my husband over the direction. He started crying at the exact moment he started peeing. And hey, he outdid himself. He peed right onto his face. The expression on his face was an absolute MasterCard moment...priceless.


My mom's colleague dropped in the other day to meet the baby. She was annoying me no end with her overbearing instructions, especially regarding the cloth nappy and liner that Button was wearing. Apparently, since he is a 'boy', he should be kept clothless showing off his assets as much as possible (and I just don't agree). She picked him up and removed his nappy. He had just peed. She remarked that as he had just peed, it was good to let him air out. Almost instantly, as though Button knew I was displeased with his nangu-pangu state, peed again, right on her face... and lots at that! The look on her face was brilliantly confused as she stuttered and muttered! Ah, retribution :)


A few days ago, Button's pee started smelling. For those who don't know, a 2 month old baby's pee shouldn't smell at all. Between my internet searches and my Bible 'What to Expect' telling me that it could be Urinary Tract Infection, I decided to become a pathologist and collect a sample of his urine to check if it was cloudy (another symptom of UTI). Oh, what a time I had. Everytime I thought he was going to pee and brought the clean glass container I had identified for the purpose, he would just grin and not go, or go too quickly or more often in the direction opposite to the one I was holding the glass. I guess becoming a football goalie is not a career option for me!
ps: For those who are concerned, no, the smell isn't there any more! It vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.


During pregnancy, I quite enjoyed a few calorific 'Milky Bars'. Since post delivery I have been quite off chocolates, as a treat my mom bought me a Milky Bar. One afternoon, I put Button to sleep. I slowly unwrapped the two layers, mentally savouring the pleasure that was to come. I placed the bar on my lap and leaned over Button to pick up my book. In a second I felt a lot of wetness on my lap... Milky Bar soaked in baby pee, anyone? (Sigh!)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Weather!

The Mumbai monsoon is one of the big reasons I came to Kalpakkam to my parents' house. I wanted his clothes to smell of the sun.

And it has been pouring almost consistently every day ever since I came here.

Rain Man... listening to me? Am tired of you...GO AWAY!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

‘Gold’en shot!

I am as proud and happy as all Indians are at Abhinav Bindra’s achievement. An Olympic Gold is no mean feat. Being brought up on a staple of cricket and the occasional tennis match, I was stunned to realize how many avenues of achievement are possible. Given my latest mantle of motherhood, I realize how much his parents must’ve struggled to give him support (and they’ve said so non-stop on every TV channel that exists in India, including a rarely watched Tamil channel called Win TV and on Asianet News!)

I have a tiny li’l son. I would be happy to see him become a world class athlete, but honestly I have no clue where to start. Like most south Indian Iyer families, my relatives often ask me if I’d like Button to become an Engineer or a Doctor or the third front, a Chartered Accountant. I am happy to support my child in whatever career option he wants to pursue, as long as it is above board. But what is the path to the non-conventional options?

In China, I know I can send my child to an athlete’s school. What is the procedure in India? Do athletes have a future if they are not absolutely top of the rung? Will my son be able to face the politics in sports if he gets there? What about life after the atheletic years are over? In western countries, most athletes have a good chance of becoming a trainer at various levels at good salaries. In India, we are still far far behind. I guess in India, “becoming” an athlete is still more of a fluke. What do you think?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Button at 2 months

Button at two months loves smiling, especially at the ceiling fan. He even chuckles at it sometimes, sharing secrets with the fan!

He has started cooing and "talking" to people, especially my granddad.

He hates being swaddled, except in the nights.

He loves to drag any object close to him to check it out. Especially mobile phones!

My family decked him up in all the gold he received and surprisingly seemed to love it (both my husband and I hate to wear any excessive jewelry, wonder where he got this gene from!)

He has a special sound that he makes when my mom calls out to me in a sing-song voice!

Button seems to love music and settles down even when I sing in my terrible voice :)