Friday, March 31, 2006


31 March, 2006

I became a member of I was sent an invitation by a great friend of mine, and because he is such a good friend, I actually put in a profile and checked out the community. Never realized so many people I knew were also on the community. Urge you to check it out.

I teach English as a volunteer in an Adult Literacy campaign. I meet the most diverse bunch of people there - Latin Americans. African-Americans, Caribbean, Taiwanese, fellow Indians and Egyptians. You realize then the difficulties of being a tutor. How does one explain what 'by' means to an adult who doesn't speak a word of any language that you speak? He/She probably knows a smattering of English and I find my creativity being put to its toughest test ever for 2 hours every thursday evening!! However, when comprehension dawns and they actually speak a grammatically correct sentence, the joy of having helped them do it is almost undescribable. It is like finding a million dollar winning lottery ticket just after the credit card bills come in!

Have a lovely weekend!!

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