Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taare Zameen Par

Enough reviews have been written raving the virtousity of Darsheel and the subtle nuances of Tisca and Aamir. I loved the movie, no testimony saw it twice in two days, both times in theatres spending a good 250 bucks on each ticket!My take, 6 reasons why I loved TZP.

1. I enjoyed the 'zara hatke' running-around-trees by dogs and children (which is natural looking) instead of an anorexic heroine and a constipated looking hero!

2. There were no items songs, no over-hyped villians, no, not even the Principal or the Parents!!

3. The classrooms have normal kids, not some superbrats or super-wise-beyond-their-years-grandmoms!

4. The movie really opens your eyes to difficulties like dyslexia and the varying emotions that both the child and parents have to deal with - especially the parents (from shock to denial to research to acceptance to working with it!)

5. Samir Mondal is certainly a wonderful painter... Loved the colors, the strokes, the vivid spectrums depicted. Geez, am becoming the artsy-f@rsty types, huh?

6. The music is YUMMY! I have refallen in love with Shankar Mahadevan, okay Ehsaan and Loy too, but def Shankar.

Umm, '7' is 'not allowed'. Picasso never understood the number! (cryptic reference.. watch movie for explanation)

Conclusion: I may have had dyslexia, but never got a chance to find out. I was made to slog even before I could figure out my 'b's and 'd's :)

ps: What did Santa bring? For my husband twas' a N95 Nokia and for us, a new set of wheels. More on that later.


  1. Wow! You bought a new car!! Awesome!!! Congrats.. which one is it??

    And I absolutely loved TZP... It was a very sensitive movie, and both the kid's and AK's acting, and even the parent's acting is brilliant! I cried almost the whole time! (which means it touched an emotional chord with me)

  2. i like your santa!!! mine got me nothing :(

    me too loved TZP :)

  3. i skipped ur post last time coz i hadn't seen the movie and didn't want to spoil my fun! but i loved it...despite weaping like a twit for 2.5 hours and embarrassing my boyfriend!!!!

  4. Nice...have written a reply on my blog.

  5. I hope you never had dyslexia...and I hope that people are not misdiagnosed now due to this introduction to the disorder!