Thursday, January 17, 2008

'Mi'Lady Luck?

Be warned that this is a bit of a complaining post.

A friend of mine called me a few days back to heave a sigh of relief that life was sunshiney and 'luck had turned around again'.. she said she was happy to have broken up with her now ex and that he caused all the bad luck in the last couple of years in her life.

The American world seems to believe that starlet Jessica Simpson's presence at the divisional playoffs between NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys caused the latter to lose.

Several villainous grandmoms and some fathers in Hindi(and Tamil) movies(esp ref: Karuthamma) call the the daughter of the house, the harbinger of 'bad' luck.

Is it true? Can a person truly influence the 'luck' in another's life? What is luck after all? The planets conspiring to make things happen in a fashion that you desire, sometimes dream of. How is that caused by the presence of a person, many times a loved one in your life?

The reason am wondering about it is because I have been told several times(in the past) that some of the bad career decisions I made in life were not because of my (huge) judgemental errors but the presence of a certain person or other in my life.

Do you believe that a friend could cause things to go wrong in your life?

Am upset by this allegation.

I need to know.


  1. If you believe and trust a person deeply, and they give you advice which they think is in your best interest - you follow the advice but things turn out bad... its' not because of "luck"! Its just that what they thought for you may not have been the correct thing, but as long you know they had the best wishes for you, I dont think the friend can be blamed! I dont understand this luck thing either.. many times in movies you see the word "manhoos" being used for newly wed brides because there may be some tragedy in the house after she came in... I don't understand that at all..

  2. it 's all a thing of what one believes.... and nobody can deny the power of faith right!! either ways

  3. Hmm...agree with Ruchi on this. Hope all is okay...why are you thinking of the past???

  4. what nonsense!

    I certainly do believe in luck but what one's luck is, is purely one's own. No one can influence it in any way.

    And friends and loved ones do what they believe is best for you, and if that means things sometimes go wrong I don't really mind. I mean I would rather have people around me looking out for my well being and influencing my luck any which way rather than not have them around at all!

  5. there's a movie on how there's the luckiest girl in the world and there's the unluckiest boy in the world and they kiss and her luck gets transferred to him and then it keeps getting transferred to whoever he kisses and the girl keeps chasing down the series of people....ok off track!

    but of's all about the luck..

  6. I don't know you from Adam but wandered onto your blog via a through-through.

    Think it's really easy to chalk a helluva lot of stuff down to luck...don't think that's necessarily right. A friend for what it's worth is there in your life because he wants to be. No pressure. And because you want him to be. Anything that happens as a result of that can't really be put down to luck. Cos it's's a choice made by 2 people. Every single day they choose to remain friends...That said, I don't think either one can be blamed principally because we can't fortell the future. We only have the present and till that's fine...

    No comments on the daughter/new bride discrimination cos it's really sad. Speaks volumes for our intellectualisms. Or lack thereof.

    My $0.02...


  7. @zee
    can't believe you saw that trashy Lindsay Lohan movie!!! (ok ok so I saw half of it too... your point is?!)


  8. Very weird one. I often say this too, the moment he came in, this happened, that happened. Its both positive and negative! I am a confused bird too!!