Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mere paas Maa hai!

I went through this horrendous phase of forgetfulness a few days ago. One day, I called some friends over for tea. And conveniently coerced my husband into taking me to a mall for some shopping. He had no idea that I had "not" cancelled the invitation. And horror of horrors, they turned up home on time too! I feel terrible about the incident even today. Thank god these friends are close friends and know me well enough to take my trip about it often enough without malice or hurt! Another day, a friend, her husband and infant daughter were in the hall. I had just taken a quick shower and stepped out without my pants (HORROR!!!) Thank god it was breezy and I wondered why it was droughty around my knees and looked down just in time to rectify my blunder. Would have gone into hibernation for years had I walked out. The worst incident happened last week, when I forgot to cook for Button. I just forgot. Poor chappie had to do with Nestum and Cerelac the whole day. Short Term Memory Loss a la Ghajini, anyone?

My building is undergoing a massive renovation now. All windows except the one shall be boarded up soon and we shall live in stifling heat and dust while the exteriors are recoated with waterproof plaster. Just as the work started, Button came down with a massive fever. Whenever I read blogposts talking about how stressed mommies were when their li'l uns were sick, I would tell myself that I would be strong and courageous and practical and not worry at all whenever Button fell sick. Ah! how the mighty fall :) Button is unwell now, and people around me are sick of my fussing around him. Am getting over the Florence Nightingale phase, but it tugs my heart to see the little baby burning up and not able to eat or be too active. Get well soon Button. I promise to endure your tantrums and naughty deeds.

Thank god for moms. My mom is here for a week-long visit and had she not been there, my husband would've definitely checked himself into an asylum. She manages to keep peace in the house despite my constant questions such as - "oh, isn't he hot?" or "Should I wrap another blanket around him?" or "His temperature was 100 deg a minute ago, should I check again?" What is scary is the thought that one day I shall be the mom who brings sanity to Button's house. Will I ever be able to don the mantle of a calm, composed mom?? I doubt!

The next few weeks should be super fun with the IPL and the elections. As NDTV calls it, its time for the Great Indian Tamasha. On another note, I recommend 'The Reader' and 'Vicky, Christina, Barcelona'. Happy Holi everyone.


  1. lol at forgetting... specially the pants...

    i am still laughing :)

  2. Hope she's better now! Even I used to be proud at my easy and practical approach to life, and everything went for atoss when Atri had his first cold when he turned a month old! There's no easy approach when one sees their babies suffer ;)

  3. Haha!..and IPL is beginning? Brings back sweet memories of my pregnancy when I had become the size of a blue whale and had developed the charm of a hungry bear...ah good times :)

  4. hahaha! I laughed so much reading your post. Too good.

  5. Am I the only one commenting here without a kid!?

    Hey Meera! Nice to see you blogging again.

    Tell me, are you upset that Benjamin Button didn't win many Oscars?

    P.S. Please allow open-id comments. I hate to use my google id for signing in

  6. amitabh, rehman and meera! :p

    had fun reading this! and i thot i was terribly forgetful! :D

    hope button is feeling betta and you have stopped driving everyone nuts! ;)



  7. You really forgot the pants? LOL! You know what they say about Momnesia? Happens to all of us. Hope li'l Button is doing better now? Hugs to him.

  8. Hi,

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  9. Hey Meera,

    Very funny girl! BTW, hope Button is doing better now.
    My mommy is not at all calm and composed, infact she feels more stressed out when my baby is sick and I'm sure I'll turn out like her :)

  10. Hope Button is doing better, and your memory is serving you better too! :D

  11. BTW, you have been tagged :)

  12. hahah..well i can relate to ur absent-mindedness...
    and hows button doing?

  13. # Mon: Imagine how mortified I was!

    # NC: Yes babe. Buttton is back to his active self. Thanks!

    # Munchkin: I agree. Nothing to stop you from 'munch'ing away this time too though :)

    # nm: Thankie!

    # Aks: yes dear. Wonly uu rrr knottu the paapaa!

    # Mamma-mia: The world is a stage, and am an actor :)

    # Mystic: Yes, he is rocking again.

    # Pri: Wow! Your mom must be SOME fun then... will take ur tag next.

    # K 3: yeah, my few grey cells need some cranking up.

    # Ekta: Ditto. A few glasses of wine wud help, don't you think? :)