Monday, June 01, 2009

Best Laid Plans and Mr.Murphy

I am beginning to love and respect my mom more than before :) Seriously, planning a b'day lunch for a few friends is turning out to be more exhausting than I thought it could be.

* The cake guys do not deliver on Button's b'day.
* The restaurant has announced a hike in its buffet rates effective June 1st (Drat, why couldn't have Button been a May baby?)
* The driver decides he wants to quit.
* The balloon seller/decorator has to go to his village to attend his cousin's brother-in-law's neighbour's cat's wedding. Sheesh!
* My parents have come down with the flu, and I am yet to recover.
* The husband has to plan a launch of some product this month only, so comes home like a thief after ten and leaves before we wake up. Only his dirty clothes on the floor are traces of his visit.
* The husband announces TODAY(4 days before the lunch) that he hasn't invited the 3 people that I'd asked him to call as he did not have time. Solution? "Lets not invite them", he says. (Men, I say!)
* The husband buys lovely clothes from Baby Gap for Button from Singapore. I opened the bag today to check his taste and ALL of the clothes are T-shirts. I am going to dress Button in a t-shirt and diaper. Bah!
* My cook and maid want an off the same weekend as the lunch. The babysitter is yet to announce her claims or join the maid's union.

Mr.Murphy, I have scores to settle with you. Just you wait!


  1. Familiar with the only-tee shirts thing, right now we have only one pair of shorts that fit Atri and 3 pairs of longish pants that are too big for him now. All the rest are onesies or tee shirts.....

    Wishing Button and you a very happy b'day!

    I'm still in search of a good nanny to look after Atri while I work from home and I haven;t yet found one - completely identified with your feeling of being in perfect peace when alone with baby!

  2. Ouch... what terrible timing.. Take it easy, you can always postpone the do... if it's too much trouble.

  3. Awww... hang in there!! And a very happy birthday to Button! Cant believe its been a year already!!

  4. Happy Birthday Button !!!! :)

    Baar baar din yeh aaye, baar baar dil yeh gaaye.... :) Some people I know had played this song for their child's birthday..hehe!

    I hope things fell into place, your list is so Hilarious!!! :)

  5. Poor Button! Little did he know fate his conspiring against a perfect b'day party for him! He's turning one right?! How fast time flies...

  6. hey! you need to come back and tell us how the whole thing went!! :)

    belated birthday wishes to Button! have a great year ahead ya l'il dude! :)


  7. hey, thanks for dropping by my blog.....hope Button's (seriously, that's too cute:)) birthday went really well....

  8. Belated Bday wishes to Button

  9. Thank you all for your lovely wishes. Button did have an awesome b'day!