Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"THE" school interview

Button's letter inviting us for an 'Interaction' arrived a few days ago (for a place in a really prestigious school in Chennai) and we've been trying to teach Button the art of answering (with hilarious results). D-Day arrived this morning and here are some Buttonisms.

Teacher: (pointing to a car) "What is this?"
Button: (thinks, thinks)
Mamma: "What IS this?" (Mentally getting worried, because my son can identify makes of almost all cars on the rooad, and therefore getting stressed at his silence)
Teacher: (possibly thinking that the child does not know) "Is this a bus?"
Button: "No, I want to know if it is an Audi or is it a BMW?"
Teacher: (stumped) "I will check and let you know!"

Teacher: "Could you please sing a song?"
Button :"No. I don't FEEL LIKE singing a song now"!

Teacher: (pointing to a duck and duckling)"Do you know what this is?"
Button: "Yes, it is a duck. This is a mother duck."
Teacher: "And this is a baby duck."
Button: "Yes it is a duckling".

Teacher: "Let me draw a star for you. You've done well."
Button: "Thank you." (pauses) "Please draw moon for the star to play with"

Bottomline: He is IN. (praise be to the Almighty). We've paid the fees. I can leave for my holiday to Israel in peace, I've earned it!

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