Monday, April 25, 2011


Button has begun correlating his storybook characters to real life a lot, of late. Our car is Lightening McQueen. My squint-eyed baby-helper is the 'evil stepmother' (poor thing!) and my morning helper is Noo-noo (from Teletubbies, because she swabs the house). I never really paid heed to him, until I dressed up to go out with my husband yesterday. In my flowing skirt and a lovely embroidered top, I twirled around. Button took one look at me, smiled and said "Mamma, you look like Cinderella, a princess'. Thank you sweetheart!


  1. Nice! I'm sure you felt like Cinderella with that remark from your toddler :)

  2. Hope you managed to get back before midnight. Last thing you need is for button to stay up, look at his watch and say, "Mamma, you look like a pumpkin" :-D


    ps: Sorry, couldn't resist :-D