Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buttonisms : The questions we ask!

Button's Logic!
Button has been learning several shlokams  since we moved to Chennai (grandparents, school influence etc.). One of the shlokams he knows is 'Saraswati Namastubyam Varade Kamarupini'.

A couple of days ago, I told Button that my grandmother's name is Saraswati. He looked puzzled. So I repeated - "Button, amma's paati's name is Saraswati. Your big paati's name is Saraswati". 

He looked stunned and he continued "Cheenu thatha's (my dad's) name is Namastubyam, Amma's name is Varade and I am Kamarupini"!!!!!! 

Talk of extrapolation. 

Button's Candor
His personality has been growing by leaps and bounds since he joined school and began going to daycare. He is now learning to say that he "does not like" things and he "likes" others.

In the car yesterday - 

Me: "Button, do you like daycare or do you like going to your grandmom's house?"
Button: (studied silence)
Me: "Button, do you like your grandmom's house or our house?"
Button: (Continued studied silence)
Me: "Button do you like your caretaker (girl) to play with you or do you prefer going to daycare?" 
Button: "I don't like it"
Me: "What do you not like?"
Button: "I don't like the questions"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This conversation actually got me thinking. I don't know why we stop stating the obvious as we grow up. We use cliches and metaphors, or even say something that is diametrically opposite to what we are thinking. A child's honesty is refreshing. If we could communicate politely, but honestly, our lives would be SO MUCH better, ain't it? 

Button's Generosity
Button and I were in the car the other day. We had just bought a few pastries from a bakery he likes. I had packed one separately and was feeding him in the car. 

As expected, we were waiting at a red light and a ragamuffin knocked at our door - a young boy, not older than 5 or 6. He kept looking at the cake. Button looked right back at him and smiled. 

I told Button that he was hungry, his parents could not buy him a pastry. 

In a thrice, he offered the boy the pastry he was eating. He said "Mamma, he is hungry now. Lets give him a cake too. He will be a good boy and eat without spilling anything!" 

I did not have the heart to refuse my son or that boy. So saving me a few calories and buying me some goodwill, I rolled down the window and offered the boy the box of pastries. 

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  1. I can't wait to meet him!!!! This time, I am coming for day spend only, pukka! With the 1.5 year old!