Thursday, January 15, 2015

Vote of Thanks!

Gratitude Challenge : Why the Challenge, Why I am grateful for my husband and What my family means to me!

In the last year and a half, since I stopped blogging, I have had many many things to be grateful about. Maybe then it is only right that I spend an year reflecting on and writing about the little and big joys of life. But of course, the Universe has a perverse sense of humour too; so my posts shall reflect exactly that - Part Gratitude, Part Crib, Part Rambling and 3 parts Bombay Sapphire!

PS: 1.As it happens, I started the challenge 3 weeks too late :) So in true management style, I have decided to do the first 3 together.
2. I may deviate from the blog topic required regularly to write about whatever catches my fancy at that time. Consider yourself forewarned!

Why I am grateful for the Husband? 

This is a hard one to answer. Especially without being sappy! Bear with me.

Because no one has stood by me with as much confidence and trust as he has in my abilities. Because no one can make me laugh like he does, especially when I am close to tears. Because he knows when I need my third drink! Because holding his hand make me feel warm and se#y at once. Because he shares his life selflessly.  Because he is the voice of reason that I lack. But mostly because, he understands. Always.

Now before, I run out of words, let me thank the Family too.

I am grateful for them, because they let me be. My parents let me make my choices knowing that I would fall sometimes. My sister for holding my hand and being my safety net every time I fell (and continue to fall!) My grandparents for always taking my side, ensuring I got away with murder (okay, close). My dad especially, for letting me live my life on my terms (except for insisting on getting married!). My mom for being the word of caution on every account (except for urging me to have kids!) And the extended family for the fun and laughter in my childhood… and my in-laws for helping me gang up against the Husband (especially) and for always working hard to establish great communication with me.  But most of all, I am grateful to my mom for instilling a love for travel, to explore, to seek new experiences all the time. And to my dad for showing me how to be optimistic always and live life on the edge.

Phew! This challenge is harder than I thought. Its going to be a lot of work, being thankful all the time. But then, a challenge is exactly that.  Hard. And hopefully the Force will be With Me!

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