Thursday, June 07, 2007

Surprise! Surprise?

"Surprise, ssuurrpprriiisseeee", we all screamed.

She was shocked. Pleasantly so. Thrilled. Turned red in her face trying to control the multitude of emotions that ran through her - joy, excitement, love, delight... and all of us smiled/laughed approvingly, feeling thrilled ourselves for having been part of a 'surprise' b'day party. The party rocked.

Happy B'day CP! May today bring you lots of joy, fun times, good wine and lovely moments the entire year.

Why do we love surprises? Because we didn't know of it, and it is new ground? Because it is an offering of love? Because we are being given the spotlight, the hot seat? Because we know we are going to enjoy it? WHY?

"The moment two bubbles

are united, they both vanish.

A lotus blooms."

- Murakami, Kijo

Ps: There is a place called Surprise in Arizona. (

Ps2: My darling Wiki has the following to say of “Surprise”


  1. Surprise in its happy Avatar is quite nice. Specially on birthdays when people u dint bother to wish or dont know too well wish u. The best surprises are from people u dint expect them from. Doubly surprised! ;D

  2. life is full of surprises... some good and some bad!!!!

  3. Well I cook well... thanks to bein gout of home for past 8 years...

    and having a mother who had always let me know what to do... and esp when i sat on my chair and read books in the gallery to the kitchen...

    Kind of a bonding with my mother is... mebbe next post is going to about that...

    anyhow... where do i reply to your comments .. my blog or yours...
    because i have never been commenting though I have been blogging

  4. # Smita: Yup! sigh... its a long way off to my b'day, and even longer to yours!

    # Cool: Yo Bro! I esp used to hate Lata ma'am's surprise quizzes. She used to specialize in giving them on the very day I decide to bunk classes :(

    # Teens to Toons: I dunno myself! Perhaps you could comment on my blog here, and reply to my comments to your blogs on your blog itself? That seems to be the trend.

  5. Lol! I didn't know there was so much info on the word surprise out there! Now thats a surprise!

    Personally I love surprise birthday parties! I had one a few years ago and it absolutely rocked! One of my best birthday parties ever!

  6. at least ur surprise worked......we smuggled into our friends house to surprise him on his bday......but as a rule left all our shoes at his much for the surprise.....

  7. Wow...I am surprised at the number of things the word surprise means...

    Thank you so much for writing this was indeed a very special birthday and a party I shall never forget...your post has etched it in cyber space. :)

  8. # Teens to Toons: Okie-dokie

    # Nutty: Good surprises in life make the monotony acceptable, ain't it?

    # Zee: Ha ha! That is funny. :)

    # Chaits: You deserved it every bit of the way babe! And kudos to A for planning it completely.

  9. Love the definition of surprise. The best part is that u've left all the other things related to the keyword along with the meaning. Now that is really cute.

    Speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. You seem to be very happy and chirpy.