Sunday, September 09, 2007

Friends, Nostalgia, Spirits and Bouncers!

This weekend was exceptional. Having flung myself into the rapids of the corporate world (and struggling not to fall asleep in the afternoon or throw something at my boss) I realize I have established a monotonous daily pattern of life (sigh)!

Decided after three weeks of working that I needed a break :)

What better than to go back to Bengaluru (yikes, sounds like a warped version of ladies finger's tamil translation) to meet my good friend and ex-roomie. She is now in the US of A doing her MBA again (she wanted to study Kotler again?!) So it was a crazy day and a half trip... we met, yapped until our voices gave up (both of us are hoarse now!) started paying obeisance to Baccus in the afternoon (her dad opened a bottle of an amazing rye vodka from Poland), went shopping to 'Forum' (it is three times more crowded now than it was two years ago) and cribbed till we ourselves couldn't take it anymore! In the evening we went to 'Opus' a wonderful lounge bar with tonnes of memories from our past. A friend of ours went overboard and we had the distinction of being thrown out! All in all, had a lovely time bonding and letting my hair loose completely!

I realized (all over again) -

a) Bangalore is way greener and 'classier' than Bombay (native Bombay junta, stop reading NOW!) The roads are much more crowded than before, but the city still exudes an old-world warmth and genteel culture that is captivating and charming at once.

b) One should be happy with life, because there are so many people who laugh and party despite being under enormous strain (emotion, financial etc.) So to use my famous words again, maid not coming to work is NOT a big issue!

c) 5000 business contacts are good. 500 acquaintances are fun to have. But at the end of the day, it is the close '5 friends' in one's life who bring a genuine smile onto one's face and warm the heart!

Enjoy :)


  1. awwwwwwwwww what a sweet ending thought!!!

  2. wow, nice to see u had such a great time! catching up with old friends is the bestest feeling ever! esp if they were good friends! :) so true, ur last thoughts on the post.. though i'm not sure about bombay vs blore! hate both their new names anyays!

  3. Good to you had a chilled out time...its so cool to see you so positive in life...a lesson I could definitely learn from you...

  4. wow! I'm from neither city but have seen a little of both and I completely agree with you!

    Its great catching up with old frenz! they're the best!

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  6. Got kicked outta Opus eh??? Nice!

    Yeah, Blore's much better than Bombay! Not much of a night life, but its a better place to live!Seriously!