Friday, May 09, 2008

Saas, Sister and other Sagas!

My mother-in-law has been here for the last couple of weeks (henceforth referred to as 'm-i-l' in true 'Woman's Era' ishtyle! ""). My husband has a brother, so she is an m-i-l twice over. While my mom is my mom, “ she” treats us(certainly me) as a much loved niece at least (tough to use the word 'daughter'!)I wonder how clich├ęd the saas-bahu serials get in their depiction of the m-i-l, no better are the ones in the average Hindi and Tamil movies and Woman's Era type magazines and books. I am genuinely concerned about human adaptability to 'conditioning'. How easily is this cross section of society bad mouthed! I get pampered, sometimes rapped (but gently) and mostly loved and treated like an equal adult. Yes, there are times when am mad at her, or my husband (usually for taking her side unconditionally!) but usually the feelings are soothed by discussion, some adjustment (on my part) good food and presents for me :) While it is tough to replace the security and comfort of one's own mom, I believe it is necessary to work out at least a amicable relationship with one’s 'm-i-l'.... what is the point in strife, when we have just a few more years of life? (Did you notice the rhyme?!)

My sis is a madcap... she decided last Wednesday that she WANTED to see me... her poor husband doesn't have a choice, but to pander to her wishes (unfortunately that is how our family 'brought' her up!!)She also had an important meeting on Friday that she couldn't miss.. so she flew into Bombay from Chennai on Thursday morning and flew back on the same evening... by Jet Airways... on her own cost! But we had a blast! Lovefool :)

My mom is coming over next week to spend a few weeks with me..Summer holidays for her...yippeee! Good food and great company.

I dunno if any of you have this voyeuristic tendency to secretly watch a saas-bahu serial. I have one such secret... (one misdemeanour is maaf!) I watch this one soap called 'Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan' about 2 - 3 times a week. It used to be bad, it is now ROTTEN! What with the villain skipping a generation with nary a grey, or wrinkle! Should I bemoan the reincarnation or the hideous filmy song-n'-dance routines or the constant scenes centred around the dinner table?! Nahinnnnnnnn :)

Finally, I think poor Bhajji has had enough with his burst of temper... Amul said it best "Pow Bhajji.... Amul Butter: Slap it on"


  1. The thing which baffles me is that most people I know, who watch the saas-bahu serials, say that they have become even worst but they also never stop watching. And so is the story with my mother. I have lengthy exasperating conversations with her about the same; as she also says it more often. Some fatal attraction and an extremely unusual pre-occupation, this whole thing seems to be.

  2. amul rocks man!!!!!

    and family rocks too!!!

    and k serials totally rock!!!! i watch like ALLLLLLLL of them....banoo main teri dulhan is very very LS though....try main aisi kyon hoon or ghar ek sapna.......on sahara one...hehehehehe

  3. Yep I agree they really are made out to be villains and they are not at all like that. Though I always tell my husband that a mil can never be your mom...moms are moms! You can shout at them and they'll can just be you, whether good or bad.
    When I used to be home my mum used to be hooked onto Kasauti Zindagi...and I had no choice but to watch, but I have to admit I was quite hooked onto it them...yuck!!!

  4. I definitely hope my MIL is nice enough to me!! And I'm nice enough to her!! Lol!

    Saas bahu... hmmm.. every time I'm at my aunt's place in Pittsburgh, I spend the whole evening sittng and watching the serials with her, one after the other... and 2 months later when I go back to her place, the serials are at almost the same place.. so it doesnt take much to catch up... although all I do while watching them is sit and crib about how bad they are!! Hehehe

  5. It is sweet of you to strike, err, at least try to strike a good relationship with your m-i-l!! And the soaps - nah, not for me!

  6. Hi there! I am not able to reply to comments on my blog timely enough these days so thought that I should come over to yours and discuss this....

    Congrats on your news!

    a) Sure, I can ask around for a maid but it is unlikely that someone from Bandra will go to PD. But I will ask for sure.

    b) No idea, really! I am still in the playschool stage, you see. If I find anything, I will def let ya know.

    Last, welcome back to Mumbai. I hate the city as is apparent in my blog but hey, one could learn to live in it, I s'pose.

    And thanks, glad you enjoy the blog!!

  7. # taz: Unusual attraction indeed... who can resist the overly dressed up bahus and their absolutely impossible lives of pujas and murders and kidnappings and adoptions? :)

    # Zee: Agree on Counts 1, 2 and 3!

    # Chaits: Its mommy time now... shez here! Me is sacking out.

    # Still Searching: She will be, fikar nako! Howz the Big Apple?

    # Candid Confessions: Its like Lays. you can stop with one episode! Try karke dekho :)

    # Parul: Thank you for your comment. Shall email you soon. Take care.