Saturday, August 02, 2008

Button at 2 months

Button at two months loves smiling, especially at the ceiling fan. He even chuckles at it sometimes, sharing secrets with the fan!

He has started cooing and "talking" to people, especially my granddad.

He hates being swaddled, except in the nights.

He loves to drag any object close to him to check it out. Especially mobile phones!

My family decked him up in all the gold he received and surprisingly seemed to love it (both my husband and I hate to wear any excessive jewelry, wonder where he got this gene from!)

He has a special sound that he makes when my mom calls out to me in a sing-song voice!

Button seems to love music and settles down even when I sing in my terrible voice :)


  1. Aww, adorable baby! :) God bless him! Lots of love, muah!

  2. wow...soo cutte!
    And button??..u call him button???
    Am i missing something?:-)
    p.s:- I love the name button though...its cuutest!!

  3. hey when r u coming to chennai? i normally shop at cents & pence in gandhi nagar -
    baby world does have infant clothes also - limited though
    if u mail me your number i will call u & give u the directions.

  4. nice :-) when are you progressing to video?

  5. Fairly nice pictures. He's quite cute.

  6. Utterly butterly cute!!

  7. He's adorable..the Button reminds me a lot of the Munchkin :)
    Munchkins Mom

  8. # Candid: Thanks!

    # Ekta: His face was as tiny as a button in the first sono. Therefore the name!

    # ITW: Thankie!

    # Blogerazi: Has happened! He hates cameras of any kind. Imagine my son doing that to trigger-happy me!!!

    # Taz: Would've ideally liked better pics, but sigh, babies are such difficult subjects. Thinking of upgrading my camera to a good easy-to-use SLR soon.

    # nm: Thankie!

    # M's mom: Hey, your li'l one is just super cute. How did you manage such lovely pics??

    # Chaits: You can call too! Long time, gotto catch up.

  9. he is so so cute!! :D

    cute as a button really!! :p

    god bless him!



  10. Such a cutiepie he is!!