Thursday, September 25, 2008

Abject Apologies...

My baby...

I did not mean to drop my mobile phone on your head. Am contrite. Truly sorry. Your sobbing (as against 'crying') broke my heart. But what humbled me even more was the fact that you wanted "me" to wipe away your tears and comfort you, even though I was the one who had hurt you. I guess it is true that child IS the father of man. I learnt from you today. Never again, I promise to be careful and keep my clumsiness in check. May the bump go away soon.


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :( ... that was oh so sweet.


  2. awwwwwwwwwww...... lets sho the bump away!!! he will be fine so soon... dont worry

  3. awww mommy dearest!

    dontcha worry! this is just the beginning!

    am glad you started me young! :p

    hugs and its really ok! :)



  4. :( I feel bad both for the baby and mommy, I'm sure the mommy feels worse. Don't be too hard on yourself, the bump will go away and he will be fine.

  5. aaww...don't worry a few days our children will be mauling us...ask me...the munchkin is already hitting me and pulling my hair out..the button will be fine :)

  6. let the bump go away fast fast..
    don't worry mummy, he is still your baby :) and he loves you!

  7. Well being a guy, i can't be as eloquent as all the lovely ladies out here. All i can say is that it happens with everyone, so don't really be too harsh on yourself. Rest assured that the bump will go away in no time.

  8. Hey, almost forgot that. And a very happy birthday to you too- i hope i'm rather early than late. Sort of thrilled to meet another Libran :D

    PS: Mines on 18th of Oct. When's yours though?

  9. Hugs to both...the baby and the mommy!

  10. * Thanks Roop.

    * Monika: Yup, he is okay now.

    * Mama - mia: I know. But i was really upset at my clumsiness.

    * Priyanka: Thankie dear. He is fine now.

    * Avanti: I think Button reads your comments. He has just started pulling my hair.

    * Asha: I hope he says he loves me when he is 14 years old too.

    * Taz: Thanks pal. I wish I could throw my mobile at some other peoples' heads sometimes!

  11. Poor little chap. I'm sure he would have forgotten by now, but mothers will keep feeling miserable and guilty for the longest time.