Saturday, September 06, 2008

The old and the New!

My dear grandad is 92 years old. He has had an account in SBI for ages. My dad recently retired and therefore my family would be shifting from Kalpakkam to Chennai. My grandad decided not to shift his (pension) account to another branch in Chennai (he fails to understand core banking completely) and grandiosely announced his plans to use the ATM instead. He applied for the card and then these were his wonderful reactions to the card!

My grandad's reaction to the plastic -
1. He read the card guide cover to cover - thrice.
2. He refused to tear the card from the welcome letter (until I did it during his afternoon siesta, and got yelled at for it!)
3. He showed the card proudly to every visitor to our house in the last one week, and also called his daughters and grandchildren to announce that he now owns an ATM card.
4. He refused to open the 'secret' PIN code because it is secret!
5. Once cajoled to tear open the PIN intimation, he refuses to show the numbers to anyone and refuses to entertain any suggestions to change the printed PIN.
6. He used the ATM card for the first time today and took the card to the temple for a puja (a la a new car!) before he went to the Bank.
7. He has a brand new folder to store the receipts of each ATM transaction, already labelled and filed with his papers.
8. The bank manager gave my granddad an umbrella for being the oldest customer in their clientele to have applied for an ATM card (the other 80years+ pensioners refusing even the computerized pass book)

Please tell me how many of the above apply to you :)


  1. That is so sweet! I could just picturise your granddad's joy and excitement.

  2. Reminds me of mine own!
    Could so imagine my grandpa doing just the same. Their whole generation is/was so methodical & systematic.

  3. awww........that is so sweet. I wish I had a grand dad to shower my love & attention on & indulge. They are like kids & such a pleasure.

  4. Very sweet, and must say ahead of his peers, in getting an ATM card :) My grandmother believed that all medicines were good for health and if she found an disprins, crocins, antibiotics, vitamins supplements etc she swallowed them with water. All medicines were kept locked or thrown away by all users to prevent this from becoming a serious hazard for her. Luckily she thrived on all these supplements!

  5. i LOVED this post!! i like the way he even took it to the temple!!

    but seriously Kudos to him for accepting change even at this age!! defi not an easy task!!

    the only thing that applies to me is not changing the original PIN too soon! :p



  6. I will have you know that my father ( note not grandfather ) lives in fear of the ATM. His first ever withdrawal ( I pushed him ) ended in a bunch of shredded notes - 10 thousand rupees at that . I hear no end of it.

  7. funny. :-) but you know what? I feel lost if i have to go to a bank and transact across the counter! might complain, but actually more comfortable with the endless IVR's.

  8. Chaits: Yes, and he doesn't allow anyone to use his new umbrella either!

    SS: I know. I wish....

    Monika: Yes, grandparents are good fun. It is the parents and parents-in-law who are sometimes not as much fun!

    IHM: Really? Seems like you had a great time with her.

    Mamma-mia: Woah! Change the PIN dear, there are all kinds of hacker software solutions in the world. Why take a risk?

    Minka: That is sad, the shredded notes I mean. But does he go to the Bank everytime he wants to withdraw money? Some patience!!

    Blogerazi: I agree. I almost had shivers trying to get a DD done till I discovered relationship managers :)

  9. This was just too sweet, may he have many happy and healthy years enjoying his ATM facility!

  10. Very funny and yet sweet! :) Grandfathers are just so sweet.

  11. I have been reading so many adorable posts on adorable babies, but this is the first time I've read an adorable post on an adorable grandparent!

    Great post!