Tuesday, February 17, 2009


`Well! I've often seen a cat without a grin,' thought Alice; `but a grin without a cat! It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!'

Okay, the cat is back :) and hopefully before I disappear again, I shall remain to blog a few times.

For starters, Button has turned me into a die-hard infant-gazer. To put it mildly, infants have always screamed their guts out in my curly haired presence. Button had no choice (poor boy!) And at 8 months, I am under his spell. Never realised a 70-cms-tall bundle of energy could captivate me so much. The fascination has now extended to his brethren as well and I am almost willing to start a day care centre for babies. (Miracle miracle!)

Anyways, Button has become a powerhouse of energy and naughtiness personified. He loves to pick up anything in his vicinity on the bed, crawl in a jiffy to the edge of the bed, throw the object and then hurl himself after it! The first time he fell off the bed, I howled louder than he did (ah, a new way to shut him up!). Am now a 'Sehwag ki ma' type Button-catcher. In two seconds I can twist myself and somehow catch him before he leaps off the bed, sometimes in mid air (and if you know how much I weigh, its a Guiness record type feat, I assure you!)

The 'South India' in a person never leaves him, even if he was born and raised in Bombay. After trying all types of solids, from the 'North Indian' nachni, dals and wheat, I finally relented one day and fed Button mashed rice with a dash of salt and ghee. Since then, he not only finishes rice each time (no matter how large the portion), he pleads for more as well. (All my dreams of raising a orange-juice-and-toast-breakfast-eater cruelly dashed to the ground. Bring out the idli maker!)

In non-Button news, the husband and I have started going out on mini vacations (with Button of course). We did our Jan vaca in Madh Island. Twas' a start, albeit with a rating of just okay. In other household news, I've finally found a coupla maids (having sacked the last one for giving me child-rearing advice every second minute she was in my house, despite repeated warnings). Also dusted the treadmill in the hope that I shall begin using it SOON :)

Thanks for not giving up on my blog. I hope the new year dawned well for you and you had a romantic Valentine's day. More adventures follow.


  1. Cuckoo, you are back! :)
    The whole scene of Button jumping off the bed and you leaping ahead to catch him is Hilarious, I could actually visualize it :).
    My lil one though only half Tamilian, cannot live without dosas. So I'm grinding away the batter every 3 days. I'm adding some cooked veggies to it too to make it more nutritious. Thats the only way I can get her to eat some veggies these days.

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  3. Yay! ur back!

    Nice to see you and the button having a blast....hoping for more posts now :)

  4. ha ha ha !!! i can so imagine u doing that the catching him bit... once i was trying to do that with Ojas and i fell down instead ;-(

    its fun seeing them growing...

  5. good to have you back!!! :)

    Cubby likes to eat rice simply because it doesnt need efforts of chewing! ;)

    and while i appreciate the sehwag ki ma bit, pray why dont you put him on floor?! :p (dont throw me out for giving ya advice, now! ;)

    he sounds so totally cute and adorable!!

    and enjoy the vacations. any start is a good start! :)

    and all the best with the treadmmill. dusting it is half work done, nahi?!



  6. I soooooo enjoyed reading this. You made me yearn for my little one's crawling days!

    Enjoy this time...it just flies by so fast!

    Keep these posts coming!

  7. I am in the same stage as you..I wonder why little ones love to live on the EDGE !!

  8. * Priyanka : Yes yes yes :) Button refuses to eat his veggies some days too.

    * Munchkin's mamma: Yes :)

    * Monika: Oh dear! I dunno, I've been lucky this far. yes, it is fun. I finally have begun to enjoy parenting thoroughly.

    * Mamma-mia: I usually do. but he was down with a bad cold. So kept him on the bed instead of hte cold floor.

    * MMMaM: I know. Good fun I say!

    * Vandana: Absolutely cute fun they are, aren't they, now?