Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho! (Ella pugazhum iraivanukke)

My weekend was a wonderfully busy one, peppered with joys and many disappointments. From a blog (can't remember whose) I was inspired to make every friday evening a wine-and-movie evening with husband at home. Sort of a mini-date :) This Friday, courtesy Dish TV it was 'Slumdog Millionaire' (in time for the statues) and courtesy husband lovely Merlot from Chateau Indage.

I imagined Saturday morning would be wonderful too. We had a school orientation to attend(yeah, for Button. ALREADY!) This school in Bandra offers a mother-toddler program for babies (ages 8 - 14 months) and their moms. I had missed the Jan orientation thanks to a bad flu. So the husband and I, Button and helper, headed off to a friend's house in Bandra (to leave Button behind). Just as I waved my byes to Button, he (made of sterner stuff) began his yelling practice(which sadly, gets appeased only with being nursed by darling mamma). The delay cost us... heavily. We ran to the school (literally). We were two minutes late and the room was full. Therefore entry was barred. Result? I had had enough with all my plans (of late) coming to naught. I couldn't help it, precious tears just rolled down my cheeks. My dear husband (P) can usually counter a fair fight, but tears just bring him to his knees. He whisked me off to our car and brought me to (guess, guess!) a jewelry store. Yippeee...... Check out the lovely earrings I was given. But was I appeased? Nope. I too am made of sterner stuff! We went to Crossroads for some book therapy and then to Patel's for some exotic-stuff-usually-thrown-away-post-expiry purchases. Finally, I heaved a sigh of relief and agreed to be civil during the lunch we had to go to. :)

Sunday dawned. I found out that Monday was a holiday, but P, having decided that being workaholic is not enough, had planned to go to Kolkata for recruitments at his alma mater. He was excited, but I sure wasn't. So another bout of retail therapy followed a 40%-off-Lifestyle and 50%-off-Body Shop. Am I grinning? YUP, YUP, YUP :)

Monday arrived. Two Indians created history at the Oscars. One of them being the man of my dreams. Ever since I heard the Leo Coffee jingle. Much has been written about how SM's music is not ARR's best. I don't care. He won it for this film. He WON it. That is all that matters. And in Delhi 6, although popular vote goes for 'Masakali', I vote for 'Maula Maula'. What I can bet on is that his humility and quiet assurance would never change, nor will the innovation in his music. More power to him for bringing the Indian sentiment of 'Mere paas maa hai' (I hope Button remembers me in his Oscar acceptance too!)

Button stood up by himself today. He has to hold on to something, but can somehow contort himself to standing position somehow. He is practicing to be a Bus Conductor or Concert Conductor someday. He cannot get enough of standing. Gosh, he exhausts me sometimes.

Jai Ho to my weekend, Jai Ho for the music.

ps: The rest of the title is a Tamil Muslim phrase meaning "Praise be to the Almighty", as quoted by ARR in his acceptance speech.


  1. What fantastic retail therapy!! Hope you're all better now. As for the orientation, I'm sure you can get an individual audience with the concerned authorities. Is the school KK, by any chance?

    And yes, way to go ARR! The man is a genius! Admittedly, I am one of those who feel that he has far superior work out there, but as you rightly said, he WON!!

  2. Wow...weekend ho toh aisa! Yeah..we saw the oscars last night with a bunch of friends..for once live...hooted and whistled till the downstairs old lady came and complained :)

    And Button is standing up already?!! Pics please :)

  3. Good to see you blog after a while. :)

  4. u know what...I JUST LOVE THE NAME BUTTON!

  5. I wouldn’t contend ARRs Oscar but I have my serious doubts with the Best Movie category as there were far better nominations than SD. Nonetheless, the fact remains that ARR is hugely talented and this one’s a well deserved one for him. So cheers to that and your decadent weekend.

    It’s nice to read the growing-up stories of your son. Do wish to know what his real name is though.

  6. # MMMaM: The school is RG (near Lilavati). Guessing that is hint enough. Managed to somehow register myself for the mother-toddler specific orientation. Lets see if Button shall go to school that early. :)

    # Munchkin: Will put up pics soon. He has begun walking a few steps holding on. But all on his toes... its so cute!

    # Chaits: yes dear. We gotto catch up soon. its been over a month since we've met up.

    # Ekta: Thanks Ekta :) It is inspired indeed!

    # Taz: Yeah, I agree. SM is half as good as Revolutionary Road, but the Academy always ALWAYS honors feel-good movies. And 26/11 sure helped push Mumbai's case with the jury.

  7. OMG! i wish i had a hubby like that! actually i do! but then i feel guilty! :p

    and what kinda mother-children school is it that doesnt account for last minute potty and feeding delays! you'd rather not go! gee!

    and button standing up? how cute is that! :) i remember Cubby standing up and then he couldnt figure how to sit down again! :p