Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Me in wonderland!

My self-confessed hibernation is thanks to an active 10 month old at home, whose every antic is so much fun and so much joy. I think when Button is 5 years old, am finally going to shake off this sense of wonder, call all my friends I have been ignoring to apologize, as to my fellow bloggers and my family!

To record for my failing memory's sake... (Button, here is what you enjoy doing these days...)

Button has begun making funny noises... some of them actual vowels and consonants. He says 'ba ba ba ba ba' incessantly, ' mamma' when he is physically hurt and 'tha tha tha', sometimes 'aa-boom, aa-doom, aa-gloom, aa-koom", also practises urdu shaayiri with a hand in the air as though reciting a couplet that goes "fa fa fa..aa aa, aa-gloom, aa-doom, ba ba ba ba..., foom toom boom"! (Wah wah, I say!)

Button seems to enjoy wearing new clothes. He actually is happy or sad in a particular combination. (Not inherited from me or his dad!)Button loves the color yellow. He especially loves smart denims when he leaves home. He enjoys trying on caps, hats and what not. However, this just does not extend to shoes of any kind. He hates anything on his feet, be it shoes, socks or a blanket during sleep. A regular hippie dude! At home though, he hates clothes. He loves to just sit around in a ganji and nothing more. Actually strips off his shorts or track pants by himself! Howzzat?

Button has two tiny teeth peeking out of his lower jaw, but they are yet to make a full appearance. He enjoys biscuits, loves cheese, has finally begun drinking water (though yet unable to master the straw or a sippy cup). He loves the toys on his high chair (I fully recommend the rain forest series from Fisher-Price) He thinks its a game to eat :) I must say (cross my fingers, and toes for good measure) that he is not a fussy eater!

What is Button fussy about? Being put to sleep. He is a baby of routine. Come 8.30 a.m., 11.45 a.m., 2.45p.m. and 8.45 p.m. he wants his mamma to feed him to sleep. He begins rubbing his eyes and pulling his hair and ears. I find it tough though to feed him each time as I'd like to wean him off too. He refuses to get ferberized or sleep by himself. While am glad that there is a routine, I wish I'd taught him to sleep by himself too. Any suggestions?

In other miscellaneous notes, he loves books. Just cannot do without books. Music is another passion. My husband and I are still stunned by how he responds to music. Has good taste too! Button has begun to stand up and walk a few steps holding on. Does not particularly enjoy crawling and resorts to a combination of walking-creeping-crawling to get to destination. Stills howls when I switch on the hairdryer. Hates sitting on the kitchen platform or being alone once evening sets in.

I am so in love with the way he responds to words and actions. It is amazing how much a baby can absorb... I know all the mommies reading this are shaking their heads thinking why I am stating the obvious... because it wasn't so obvious even a few weeks ago... but now it is so visible... Button's reactions, his concentration when he is trying to master a skill or action... I think I am finally in love with the thought of being a mom :) It grows with every milestone! Stay happy, my child.

Ps: All tags shall be completed soon :) Pls hang on. And mamma of O and T, I really apologize for not yet accepting and displaying my award. I promise to do it soon.

Ps2: Mamma, am coming home!


  1. Hey Meera. Welcome back. Let those moms shake their heads. I found your post very interesting. Makes me want to make one of my own ;)

    Why do you call him Button?

  2. A cute update Meera and very very VERY CUTE pics of lil Button. He looks all grown up now. Good to know that he isn't a fussy eater (touchwood!), half of my energy is spent in cooking for Ash these days :)
    Happy 10 months Button!

  3. he is soo cute! :D and yes, what is obvious is still first time for the kids and us! :D

    he sounds like a bundle of fun!!

    hugs for him!



  4. So cute!!! He's totally adorable...

  5. Cute cute pictures of cute little Button, Meera :)

  6. Just got back to your blog after goodness knows when... he is so lovely da :) .... Wish i could see him in person