Thursday, May 28, 2009


In the last month life has been flying past. Just so that I do not forget the month that is almost over...

Button Snippets...
* Button loves my grandpa, who is just 92 years young! He insisted on eating with my grandpa and even sleeping with him. My grandpa (in his own inimitable style) told him stories of Oliver Twist being hit on the head by Mr.Bumble and Hamlet's dad having had poison poured into his ear. Button seemed really fascinated with these gory details!

* Every time Button visits my parents, it rains in Chennai and Kalpakkam. This time was no exception with thunder storms and rains galore. What IS this connection?

* Button loves oriental-eyed air-hostesses. (Data points: 3 flights from his total of 7) I returned solo with Button from Chennai to Mumbai. Thank god for Ms.Agatha with Jet Konnect who my son just luuvvveed. All she had to do was to smile and grin and hold her hands out wide (SRK style) to him and he would smile and favour her with his rendition of 'Jai Ho'. She even gave him a piggy bank as a take away gift.

* Button's third tooth is slowly making an appearance. He is somewhat down with a mild stomach infection and cold. Nothing to counter my really bad flu and horrible throat infection though.

Life otherwise...
* I traveled 90 kms from Kalpakkam to Chennai with Button in tow to cast my 'secret' ballot. Really thrilled that I exercised my choice, although almost all of the election officers on duty decided to walk around the ballot box when I cast my vote. Sigh! Not that it helped the party of my choice. Anyways, heres hoping Mr.Singh does something about infrastructure this time around.

* Last weekend was my first major night-out sans the husband and baby. I attended my alumni meet (which seemed milder than the ones we'd hosted thanks to nostalgia and age). Nonetheless I danced like a Dervish-on-bhang to every song they played(incl 'ma ka laadla bigad gaya'), chatted up with friends' bosses (my friends hate me for it now!) and managed to tell the audience how my job of 'managing my one year old boss' was the toughest in this planet! The fun bit was how after a few drinks I switched to Sprite (you know, just to keep up appearances) and a batchmate took a sip and said "Oh, you haven't lost your touch gal. Such a STRRROOONNGGG drink" Ha ha ha!!

* My parents are here. My dad in his usual 'i-know-hindi-very-well' style instructed a taxi driver to take him to "Kings Golmaal" this morning ("Kings Circle" people!)


  1. I want to know who that person is who had a sip of your drink! Your dad's too cute.

  2.'re back...had a good laugh at all the snippets..and our lil button here is quite the ladies man huh? :)

  3. Button's birthday is just around the corner...Advance birthday wishes to dear Button..God bless!

  4. LOL @ 'Kings Golmaal'...:)
    Ah, I envy you. I want to dance to all those latest dhishtak hindi numbers too, with my friends .

    Button likes the oriental types eh? Maybe you should move to Singapore then and make him a happy baby ;)
    Loads of kisses to Button!


  5. Hey me and Button like the ahem Oriental types. You should bring him to Dubai someday. I am sure I can keep him giggling for a looong time! ;)

    Nice to know that you danced away at the Alumni meet. How come I didn't get any news of your wrecking devastation at the meet? But check my sources again.

  6. hahaha!!

    you have tell us more of Dad's Hindi stories!

    they are almost as much fun as button's antics! very cute! :D

    and the alumni meet sounds like total dhamaal!