Friday, July 01, 2011

Q & A with Button

Prologue: When Button is in a foul mood (crabby, sleepy, tired) it is easiest and most fun to ‘irritate’ him. It is also the best time to get lovely zany crazy answers about life J
All the questions below were on different days of course....he'll learn someday how amusing he was.
Me: Button, what is my sister’s name?
Button: Thumbelina!
Me: Who do you sit with in your class at school?
Button: A dinosaur and a pig!!
Me: Button, what did mamma give you in your snacks box?
Button: Many hugs (awwww, that too my son)                  
Me: Where did you go after school today?
(the answer is supposed to be his grandmom’s house)
Button: California                                                   
Me: What is appa’s brother’s name?
Button: Hanuman (It most decidedly IS not!)
Me: Who do you love more... amma or appa?
Button: Hyundai Verna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I loved the last one!! Cutie pie!!

  2. Awesome :) I love the second one ..Hilarious really :)