Sunday, June 19, 2011

Buttonisms - 3 going on 300!

Now that Button has become a 'big' boy, his vocabulary has significantly increased and he communicates well in 3 languages.... well 2, and understands Hindi quite well already. His 'logical thinking' leaves us stumped many a time...

Button: "Amma, you said you'd buy me a Lightning McQueen at Landmark."
Me: "Yes, we'll go this evening"
Button (at the shop): "Amma, I want Sally, Doc, King, Mater........."
Me (HORRIFIED): "Button, ONLY ONE car. Why do you want to pick up so many, it is expensive."
Button: "Amma, Lightning McQueen will feel lonely, he needs his friends!!!! Otherwise he will be 'depressed'."

As if this were not enough, his new 'wily cunning' negotiation skills stepped in then...
Button: "Amma, I will take only ONE Lightning McQueen, but please let me play with him for longer, at least he will be happy to have me"! (Is he only 3 again?)

One day my cook left home at the same time as Button and I. In the elevator,he asked her...
Button: "Sundari aunty, where are you going?"
Cook: "I am going home."
Button: "Where is your car?"
Cook: "I am going by bus."
Button (earlier he'd've professed delight at traveling by bus,but he now said):"Mom, why doesn't she have a car?"
Me (struggling to explain): "Maybe she doesn't have money to buy a car?"
Button: "Lets go to the ATM and give her money. It is hot today, let her buy a car right away."

That day, I tried explaining how each thing costs money and we have to pay money (even if it swiping a card) in order to purchase any item. Ever since, the moment I pick up something, from a potato to a perfume, he pipes up "Amma, what is the price? Can we 'afford' it? It is expensive!" Who needs a watchdog?!

My father-in-law: "So, Button, what do you want to become when you grow up?"
Button: "Fat Controller!!!" (ref: Thomas and Friends) "I want to work with all the engines and Rusty and Elizabeth and....and....and....."

In Chennai, people find it difficult to pronounce his name. So 'Dhruv' become 'Duruvu' or 'Turuvu'(also the Tamil word for grating, like grating coconut) or 'Drew'! So, he has resorted to a new trick.....
Person: "What is your name?"
Button: "Nemo, and this is my mom Dory and my appa Marlin"
Evidently, given our features, we don't look like a Dory or Marlin! Its funny to see the expressions on their faces then.

And at school, his teacher had a strange remark to make about him. Button does not like sitting on the floor for circle time. Apparently, he rubs the floor with his index finger and tells her "The floor is dirty. I'd like to sit on the chair itself, please"! (I do believe in genetics now! And understand how my mom must've felt when my teachers told her the same. Amen!)

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