Friday, June 17, 2011

Thanksgiving in June!

Many good things happened this week. Thanksgiving is in order. Especially since next week better be good!

a) I started full-time work at an IT transnational at Chennai in a support function I've been interested in for ages. After a week (although I am still settling in) I haven't had any twinges of doubt. That itself is an achievement!

b) The lovely offspring started school. Thanks to my mom, I've been managing everything (read, she has been managing everything!). Next week will be different. But I'll survive.

c) In a week, I complete half a dozen years of companionship with arguably the most wonderful person this universe has produced... the fact that I think so after so many years of living with him is a miracle!

d) I've decided to enrol for the long distance certification program I was thinking about. After my decision making skills began resembling a pendulam in motion, I just tossed a coin. Am in!

e)This is my 100th post.I've always believed that there aren't any milestones in blogging, but this feels like one. Thank you my beloved blogfriends, my readers... for encouraging me, inspiring me, staying with me, supporting me...I owe you guys :)