Monday, May 28, 2007

Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend is getting married today. And I am going through a wave of feelings. We were really close in childhood and took some brave life-changing calls together. We did different things later on in life, and even lost touch for a few months in the course of life. However, the bond has always remained, for both of us. We still take off from wherever we left our conversations the last time and all the gaps - time, distance and life, just melt away. And till date, I am myself with her, no airs and no put-on personality, just me in all my truthfulness!

I am thrilled for her of course, she is marrying a person she has known for 3 years and am sure he would treat her well (as a lady should be treated) and bring her laughter and security on a daily basis (and I am hoping lunch to her on a tray often too!)

Am apprehensive about any tiny misunderstandings that could happen during the ceremonies and I pray her wedding goes off flawlessly (just as all her accounting papers in school would always go!)

Am feeling guilty that I am sitting a thousand miles away, typing this blog, instead of being at her side wishing her well in person. My spirit and thoughts are with her (it took me all my energy to drag myself to office today!)

Am feeling happy that she is going to discover a world of togetherness, of being woken up in the goofiest way possible, of enjoying wonderful moments of intimacy, of feeling strong enough to tackle the world knowing that there is a one-man army to back her up, of having a shoulder to rest on and a person to share the world and the rest of her life with!

My dear friend A, wish R and you a super life ahead.

PS: I know I have to do a lot of prayaschittam, rest assured, I shall, and hopefully soon!


  1. Moving. Though I would really like to know why you need to do the prayashchittam ;)

    Wish the couple the very best.

  2. So nice.. I know that I can totally relate to this post, esp when my best friends got married! Its touching.. and yes, why do you need to repent?

  3. # Phish
    # Ruchi

    Well, I missed a once-in-her-lifetime occasion. So have to make up for it(how I don't know..any suggestions?)... gotto atone for my absence!

  4. aw that sucks!!!!!!!!!!! u shud be there with ur friend at the wedding!!!

  5. agree with Zee... you should have been there... i have attended wedding of most of my good friends.. and missed very less and I still regret that...

  6. # Zee
    # Cool
    Feel terrible as it is. :( The nice part is that they are going to live in Chennai, so chances of meeting them soon are quite bright.

  7. Oh I totally know about the feeling of missing my best friends wedding, esp when she really pleaded me to be there, and I couldnt becoz of my stupid job (and being in a different country).. hmmm..