Sunday, May 27, 2007

Men, Cricket and Kitchen

Am trying to understand men (I know the futility of it, but full marks for my tenacity!) Your views appreciated.

All men that I know (especially the ones who are married) cook at least a bit. But cooking is just creating the dish. It rarely involves the accompanying activities -
a) Cutting the vegetables (forget buying, washing/cleaning)
b) Getting the appropriate cooking vessels
c) Returning ingredients /spices to its appropriate place of residence!
d) Dumping used vessels in cleaning area
e) Transferring cooked preparation to serving bowl (actually, thankfully they don't!)

But watching an F1 match or better still, a cricket match on TV gets men to do ALL of the following -
a) Adjusting the drapes to set room ambience
b) Buying beer
c) Putting beer in fridge (wow! you know where the fridge is!!)
d) Locating and using the bottle opener
e) Calling the grocer to buy snacks (Hmm!)
f) Locating the remote without assistance!!

Talk about conditional processing!

ps: Dear Men, will thee consider ordering food the next time?


  1. They also don't notice your absence when they're watching cricket but always notice your absence if they don't get dinner!!!

  2. ha ha...agreed fully!!! men do cook but that's only possible with women being around to help them. :)

  3. Best chef in the world are men.... so stop cribbing and enjoy their cooking if you are lucky enough to find one with the skills

  4. # Zee
    # Chaits
    I agree with both of you. And the fact that if the maid is not around, thats the day they'd probably have this "urge" to eat an intricate dish.

    # Cool
    Yeah, except they are mostly gay or married! Not talking about the 0.05% of men they represent :) Do you cook? :D

  5. I cook very decent rajma... I had to learn that cos my marathi bai was cooking it in arbit marathi stlye (no offence to marathi cooking, but not my style)....
    since they are best they are rare :)

  6. hm.......interesting view point.
    wait till i gather the troops and come back with all of man-dom!

  7. emmm .. small tip cuckoo. Just trying to help.. if ever you decide to masquerade as a man (why would you ever I haven't the faintest clue?) or get involved in some manly conversation ... it's never an F1 match! Always an F1 race. Dead give away.

  8. Hey, that's grossly unfair. You could say a lot of men are like that but definitely not all. I can cook and at the same time keep the kitchen clean. I would never be as efficient as a woman but I wouldn't to do an absolute shoddy job.

    Also looking at the current scenario, things are changing real fast. Of late none of my girlfriends know how to cook. In fact they think it’s quite bourgeois to cook; as it is mostly done by a domestic help these days. I wish I could find one resplendent woman, sigh.