Friday, October 17, 2008

The dark side of the moon!

Button is slowly developing a naughty side (thanks to much encouragement from my m-i-l). Can’t say am complaining now ☺ For example, he seems to love the game of peek-a-boo. My m-i-l hides her face with her hands in front of him and questions “Patti enga?” (where is grandmom?). The moment he touches her hand or pulls a hand away she says “itho” (here) and he smiles instantly. He repeats this with my husband too. However, when I hide my face and ask him “amma enga?”, he starts chortling loudly and refuses to pull away my hand. Beauty, beholder et al!

Similarly when my m-i-l holds her index finger to him, he is in a hurry to reach it.. be it with his hands or feet. When mommy dearest tries to repeat it, he gives me a look and usually puts his index finger in his mouth (surefire recipe to irritate me!) Oh, and once the index finger is in, he shows surprising strength and resists all attempts to pull out mentioned digit.

In other news, he loves his stroller. He got gifted his first pair of jeans and looks like a miniature-man (if you know what I mean, a mini mee type person!) when he wears it. He has been invited to his first b’day party tomorrow and I hope he likes crowds and socializing.

On an unrelated note, yay to Mr.Goyal for reinstating the Jet cabin crew staff. I know how traumatic losing a job suddenly could be and am glad that so many hundreds of people were spared that agony. Happy flying everyone! And I hope my good friends who insisted on watching me breastfeed Button on take-off from Chennai last fortnight are back to flying, hopefully more enlightened!


  1. Button sounds really cute & oh so naughty. & that pic in the I know what u mean by miniature man.
    So how did teh b'day party turn out?

  2. Lovely...what precious moments! Sigh! How I miss them!

  3. So cute... I love chottu baby clothes and shoes. Please one or two things so you can show them to him when he grows up!

  4. LOL! I remember saying so many times to my hubby "Ash does not love me as much as she loves you", simply because she didn't respond to my games as well as she did to his. I wonder why they do this to their mommies :)

  5. now the funtimes with Button roll!! :)

    thigs are just so much dhamaal when they start reacting to your l'il games!!

    and stud in jeans, already eh?!

    cute pics!

    how went the bday party?



  6. Hi,

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  7. Aww, your baby is adorable. Please do the drishti thing on him. What with all your readers going - Awwww on the little dahhling! I think watching a kid grow and absorb our world is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is palpable how the smallest of treats can make them happy and how we as adults just dont find the happiness that we looking for. Bah, I'm rattling!

  8. aaawww...where did you get those jeans for him? ive been looking for a pair for the Munchkin all over...and how are you and the button...not a peep out of you guys for some time now..

  9. Das sind aber schöne Neuigkeiten. Und Button ist einfach süß :)

    Meine C1 Prüfung ist im Januar/Februar. Weiss ich noch nicht genau.