Sunday, October 12, 2008


In the last week that I was away from the blog world....

I discovered in the airport, on the Jet weighing scale that I had 100 kgs of luggage(travelers = me, Button, Husband and Mom-in-law). A good 40 kgs excess. Realised I would be bankrupt (given stock market situation or not) if I paid the actual amount. So gave Oscar winning performance to Jet airways man-at-counter about coming from the US of A and how hot India was and how Jet's service standards seemed to have improved since my last trip with them :) Well, it is not false, except that we returned over 2 years ago. And after all time IS a relative factor and necessity the mother of improvisation :)

In the flight, when Button cried before take off, 3 male stewards and 1 female air hostess rushed towards us, stood around me and insisted I feed him. While after six tequila shots I may be tempted to loosen a button or two, I wasn't planning to breastfeed for in-flight entertainment. Finally it took my irate husband to point out that they needed to fasten their seat belts and that our baby was 'our' concern. Phew!

Yippee... am back home! To my lovely little home that overlooks the sea and the Worli-Bandra sea link. To my maid who has it in her nature to fight with me everyday. To my cook, who hopefully shall get the sack soon for putting 'dal' in salt instead of the other way round. To my 'apartment mommy society' (and there are already 6 of us with babies born this year). To my bedroom with its lovely white bed lamp. And best of all, back to life with husband. We are a family now :)

Button is settling down. We are trying to get him to sleep in his crib. But he gets up twice in the night(atleast) for feeds. So its tough. Am planning to persist with it as most books advise separate sleeping arrangements from month 3 itself. Also, I'd like to roll about in my bed for a change :)

And I turned the lovely age of 29 on the 10th. Had a quiet b'day. Button wore ONLY new clothes from morn to evening. I got a slew of gifts from husband in his usual thoughtful and innovative manner. Good food from m-i-l completed the day. Next year (I have promised myself) I shall get smashed :)


  1. Belated happy happy and all that! Welcome back home!

    And next year, if you tune me in, I promise to have adrink with you over the net as you ring in the 30's. They're not so bad. Really!

  2. Ah, Bombay will always be my first love :)
    A Belated Happy Birthday to you!!

  3. Wilkommen zuhause und herzlichen Glueckwunsch nachtraeglich!
    Ach, und noch was.. Sparen wir uns einfach alle Hoeflichkeiten. Wir koennen uns doch per Du ansprechen. :)

  4. first of all belated happy birthday.... glad u had a great day... and to be in ur house is a great feeling... nothing compares it...

    the H were telling u to feed the child because it is indeed imp to feed the baby while takeoff and landing... reduces the air pressure that is build in the baby's ears and reduces the discomfort they feel... having said that I am also not a pro at breastfeeding it public... when I traveled with him till 6 months, I expressed milk and took and now I give him the formula or juice... :) just a tip

  5. Belated Happy Birthday! I called you on Saturday to welcome you back... you didn't pick up! :(

  6. Belated Happy Birthday :)
    Well, I did BF the Munchkin sometimes during take-off and landing or just to soothe him.
    Not that difficult, because usually you'll be seated in the start of the row because of the bassinet. I carried a light stole along for covering.
    It's quite do-able.

  7. A very happy belated birthday fellow Libran. Sorry for not wishing on time despite me remembering the date. Had to travel out of Mumbai and couldn't get access to internet. I hope you had a blast.

  8. Belated wishes!

    I am so J, you are in Mumbai .... bah! How I miss that city! :(

  9. Belated b'day wishes and welcome back to blogging!

  10. Happy belated birthday :)
    It's always nice to be back home & it sounds lovelier the way u describe it.
    Have blog rolled u :)

  11. Belated birthday wishes...hope you have settled down well in mumbai....back to the grind?