Saturday, October 04, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...

Buried under mountains of clothes to pack... never realized there'd be SO MUCH to do before a less-than-two-hours flight back home to Bombay! Work seems to have doubled as compared to my trip from Bombay to here.

And to see my completely grown-up parents behave like kids with their sad faces at Button's departure, refusing to let me hold him except during b/feeding sessions.

And the streams of last minute visitors coming in to see the baby. (Didn't they know I was here in the last 3 whole months?)

And his vaccination yesterday (and fever to deal with)

But yippee... am glad am going back time for my b'day... Bombay watch out for us :)

ps: Any Bombayites/non-Bombayites if you can suggest a full time/part time maid/nanny, I shall be eternally grateful and promise to buy you a drink/coffee/or anything else... gentleman's word.

Sayanora Kalpakkam
... shall blog from Bombay in a few days, once I settle in.

Meanwhile, Button turned 4 months old today.
* He hates rolling over.
* Maybe its my imagination, but he seems to recognize his name and the word "fan".
* Loves to admire his hands and feet! (For narcissistic tendencies, his mom is to be blamed!)
* Hates to be wrapped up for the night.
* Chews his mittens with a vengeance.
* Gurgles, coos and sometimes says 'da'.
* He sings with me when I sing (offtune) his lullaby for the night(and no, its NOT my overactive imagination, I swear he really croons!)
* Is taller and chubbier and cuter than ever :)


  1. Hey Cuckoo,

    Do post a latest pic of Button. Just a Q: For how long do babies wear mittens? Aashna refused to wear them from Day 1, so all the mittens that I'd bought for her were wasted :(. Except, when she was scratching her ears all bloody I forced her to wear them for a couple of days.

  2. Have a safe flight! See you on the other side :)

  3. Hey...i am supposed to come to Madras in the next fortnight and was hoping to meet you then..darn...missed meeting you :(

  4. :) ojas used to do the same... sing with me in his lullabies and he still does it and now days its only him ;-)

    its fun to see them grow... post his latest pic

    have a safe flight... i hope button is happy and comfy in the flight

  5. hey, Plane and Button share a birthdate :)
    hope to hear more about Button's antics!

  6. Welcome back!

    Oh, and by the way, here's something I came across in an article on Sarah Palin:

    “She’s perky, she’s spunky,” says Republican speechwriter Landon Parvin, who has written for both Presidents Bush. “She has this quality — in a 1950s comedy, her father would call her ‘Button.’”

    I think you should sue for defamation by association or some such thing :-)


  7. First time here..nice to read ur posts..Good wishes to Button and good luck in aamchi mumbai

  8. he sings too? That's so adorable! If he's like my BB - it's gonna get louder and louder :)

  9. Welcome home... happy you're back! I think you really deserve this compliment - I am not someone who's dying to have babies... but watching you and reading about your experiences... makes it sound so wonderful that I feel I might be willing to walk down that path in the future too. :)

  10. Priyanka: New pics coming up soon.

    Munchkin: Looks like other side is really going to be far off now:( Am feeling bad too that we missed each other.

    Monika: really? Thats cute. The li'l one's singing that is.

    Kodi's mom: Super thrilled :)

    Ramsu: Guruve namaha.

    Timepass: Mumbai rocks as usual. Thanks :)

    Coffeerocks: Yeah? Looking forward toit now... in the future maybe not!

    Chaits: The loveliest comment I could've ever had. Babies are fun. Trying sometimes. But even that in retrospect is FUN :)

  11. wow!! so back home,e h?!

    i can imagine your joy!! i was so so thrilled to be back in bangalore!! to be a complete family!!

    loved the next post too!! when i am in mumbai next, i will defi drop in to say hello!!

    have a super time!!

    and Button sounds totally adorable!!