Thursday, July 02, 2009

June just flew past....

...what with two birthday celebrations, "annual" check up, school and the horrible monsoons.....

In a bid to recollect Button's first b'day, I jot down my memories.

I slogged my b^tt off. Thankfully my parents were here to take care of me :) We could not celebrate Button's "star" b'day on 26th of May as my husband's grandmom passed away. We conducted his "aayush homam", "ganapathi homam" and "navagraha homam" on his date of birth instead. We dressed him up in a silk dhoti and he DID look like a li'l Krishna! It was a lovely auspicious occasion and the traditionalist in me reveled at the chants and "havan" and awesome food!

On the 6th(which was a saturday), we called a few friends over to a restaurant(nearby) for lunch(about 50 people turned up). The invitation read as follows...

Dear Aunty and Uncle,

I turn 1 this year.To fill you in on my progress over the last year, I can now stand holding amma's hand, even take a couple of wobbly steps, though I prefer crawling. I love music, especially this uncle called A R Rahman (who composed two of my favourite songs 'Masakali' and 'Ringa ringa ringa'). I love rasam rice and Marie biscuits. When I go to my grandparents' houses I get to see many birds and animals, which I like. I love switching on the light and switching it off (about fifty times in two minutes is my personal record). I love reading my books and tearing up amma's (they do not have any pictures, so boring na?) I like my toys, but prefer appa's laptop and mobile and something he calls blackberry (which is my competitor for appa’s attention!).

Next month onwards, I shall be a bit busy with school. So I've asked amma and appa to invite you for lunch on the 6th of June'09 (Saturday), so that I can thank you in person for your blessings, love and good wishes. Please remember to take a slice of the yummy cake and don't forget to check out my lovely new clothes. I have attached some pictures of me over the last year. Enjoy! :)

The Venue
Utsav Restaurant, Ravindra Natya Mandir
Prabhadevi (Behind Siddhi Vinayak, alongside the ICICI Bank)

Other notes:
* Lunch timings: 12 noon - 1.30 p.m.
* Cake cutting at 12.30 p.m.
* Underground parking available in plenty
* Please let us know in case you would not be able to attend to give us time to decide how long you need to stand in the punishment corner.

I look forward to seeing you.

Giggles and Gurgles



  1. happy birthday to him

  2. Awesome Awesome Awesome idea!

  3. Once again Happy Birthday dear Button!

    Lovely Lovely invitation!How did you make it?

  4. Happy Birthday lil Button! And that is such a charming invite :)

    Wish you get back to regular blogging soon; we miss the tales from Buttonland!

  5. Belated Happy Wishes to Button!
    Thats a very cute invite and his pics collage looks great! Do blog more often.

  6. # Thanks Monika!

    # Thanks darling :)

    # Thanks Lavs. I used an application called 'Comic Life' , which comes with a MacBook.

    # Munchkin, Priyanka - I know. I should. Lets just say that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak :)