Sunday, July 05, 2009

...the Birthday Party

6th of June dawned bright and sunny (thank God!) We had invited about 60 people of which about 50 turned up. We had called people over for lunch as we thought it would give us ample time to catch up with our friends. The menu was simple. A few Maharashtrian specialities for starters (including my favourite kothambir vadi), dal-chawal and a couple of subzis for lunch and gulab jamun and cake for dessert. We had ordered a 'Mickey Mouse' cake for Button as it was the only cartoon character he could identify at that time.

My mom and I wanted to "do" something ourselves and decided to make several posters to make the event even more special. I designed several posters that I got printed out on photo-paper. We pasted them onto hand made paper and made some designs all around. We discovered a shop called 'Hobby Ideas' in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai and became kids-in-a-candy-shop again! We shopped for several hundreds, including punches that could punch holes in a certain design, paints, metallic colors, stickers, rub-on embossings and what not! Reminded me of the olden-golden days when SUPW used to be so boring :)

Button was slightly cranky at the party as everybody wanted to hold him. The other kids seemed to have a ball though. They had a blast especially with the balloons (we had ordered about 300 balloons to be put up and a 100 more to be left lying loose in a corner).

All in all, we were happy at having been able to thank Button's well-wishers in Bombay.

Button, I wish you happiness and health. May you learn to take decisions on your own and stand by them. May you grow up to be healthy and wise, happy and nice. May you have courage to do the right thing always, even if it means lesser money or popularity. God Bless sweetheart!


  1. Happy Birthday Dhruv! :)

    The posters look great, and so does the cake. 300+ balloons - WOW! :)

  2. What fun! And those posters you made are great. I'm sure when he grows up he will appreciate the effort you put in it :)

  3. When your son grows up he's gonna look back and feel so happy about all the lovely things his mom does for him.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, little guy!

    Sounds like a great party, and yummy cake ... what fun!