Monday, August 10, 2009


With Button's school and a growing list of school related activities,I barely manage to find time to blog ( more importantly the inner energy and enthusiasm for blogging seems to have ebbed). Although the wish to blog is dormant at the moment, I have resolved to come back after a few weeks.

All my blog friends, thanks for bringing sunshine to my life. I shall keep checking on you and leaving comments as usual.

As for Button, he is so full of energy and new developments every day, that I find each day whizzing past.

Take care and as the big man said "hasta la vista baby" :)


  1. See ya' soon! Don't be a stranger now, ya' hear!!

  2. button's going to school already ?

    hope to have u back soon

  3. School did you say?? Christ, you are scaring me!!But glad to know Button is doing well.

  4. ok! i will shut up about the school then! ;)

    and sounds like Button is full of masti and fun!

    hug him for me! :)

  5. I haven't been reading anyone's blog of late, but I hope to see more updates on FB!

  6. come back. we miss you and the button :)