Thursday, February 10, 2011

Resolution # 1

2011 dawned many moons ago. And this year my resolution is to stick to my resolutions! The first of them was to resurrect my dormant blog. The blog has ceased to be just an outlet for penning down my thoughts. It remains (and here comes my B-school training) -
1. A diary of memories that my mind finds difficult to store of late.
2. A place to leave something that is quintessentially 'me' for posterity. Like my mom's letters to my dad, or my grandfather's diaries or my grandmother's diamonds!
3. A wonderful place to make and keep new friends. I already met a blogging mamma and it was oh-so-wonderful to bond with her.
4. An ode to my family.
5. A fulfillment of a resolution to do something creative. While it may not be in the league of artists and writers, it gives me joy, and so it remains a testament to my creativity.

Thank you 2011 for arriving. Good luck!


  1. Happiness! We all stopped blogging around the same time. Glad you are back at it! Look fwd to reading many fun posts...

  2. Am Glad you've begun blogging again!! I really missed it :)

  3. Yay! Yay! Totally inspired. Looking forward to many a fun post!

  4. more posts needed!!!and more meets for bonding:)