Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bucket List - 10 things for me to work towards

As part of the Marathon Blogging, I am having a go at (my) 10 things to do before I die. Will visit it every year.

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Ps: I have always believed (superstitiously) that if I said something it wouldn't work out or not become true. Overcoming this irrational thought took most of today :) But I guess its time for change. Inspired by the Delhi junta clamoring for change, I decided to let go and pen down my list. Still not listing a couple of thoughts too close to my heart. Have fun reading.

1. Visit 75 countries in my life. I will settle for 50. Have visited 5 so far (not counting India). In my childhood and youth, I wanted to marry someone who loved travel. I was thrilled to see my husband onto his third passport when I got engaged. Discovered the boredom of 'official' travel only later! Luckily, it doesn't figure in my lexicon yet. I still thoroughly enjoy even flying domestic (cattle class, yes!) Some places that are a MUST in this list - Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Artic/Antartica, China, Fiji, NZ, Cuba and Iran.

2. Derive satisfaction at work. Although simply put, it has a multitude of complexities such as identifying a line of work that I'd enjoy, putting in a few years or decade plus work in the chosen field, deriving power in the organization, earning some moolah (at least enough to pay for my online shopping) and finally, being able to achieve a work-life balance that works for me.

3. Lose weight. Again, easily written, harder achieved. But hope springs eternal in the human breast! So here's to a brand new (old) resolution in 2012 :D

4. Own a Burberry bag, a pair of Louboutin heels (but doubt if I'd find my size), an Hermes scarf and a Vertu phone. Oh, and a Merc. And def solitaire earrings. Sometime.

5. Be able to support 5 children. Their education. Their marriage. Their life. Support monetarily and emotionally.

6. Bungee jump. And jump off a plane. And scuba dive. No, am not an adventure or adrenaline junkie. But I just want to do these things. For myself.

7. Be wooed and charmed by the husband all my life. With pretty gifts, and flowers, and poems, and romantic dinners, impulsive holidays and expensive chocolates. I don't believe in taking the relationship for granted, although we were introduced through the traditional arranged marriage route. We live life once, and it is important to be happy in your love life and to make efforts to keep things fresh and fun all through.

8. Learn dancing. Pref with my partner. A dance like Salsa or Jive. (I've already learnt a bit in my pre-married days, and had my share of fun then!) But want to dance, and OFTEN with the husband. Pref at least once a month. In a nice club. Wearing nice clothes. And drinking nice wine.

9. Visit the North-Eastern part of the country. Pref with a female friend (the one I am thinking about knows I am thinking of her!). Pref backpacking. For 3 - 4 weeks, maybe 6 (although I doubt if she'd be able to get out of her commitments, and me out of mine, but you can wish for it right? And try your best to do it, right?)

10. Learn a language well enough to speak fluently. I veered towards German earlier. But maybe Chinese would be a good idea too. Or Arabic (really love the sound of Arabic, and being called 'Habiba'!)

And although it is not a thing-to-do, I'd like to be more assertive with non-family, less assertive with family, more organized with my life, work on MY life goals sincerely without getting distracted by the children. I'd like to learn to be less guilty, more happy and in general not regret what-could've-been.

Finally, I'd like my children to -
a) Learn a language - read, write, speak well.
b) Play an instrument - at mastery level, good enough to perform
c) Be engaged in a sport - interested enough to wake up at 4 for practice.
And be a tiger mom when it comes to that. I need to work on my dedication levels to ensure their dedication for them.

Now to start filling the bucket :)


  1. So maybe we can do the bungee jump together :)
    And you have to get this list checked off for sure.
    And the must do's for kids. I wanted and achieved the same too. I was a tiger mom still am.

  2. Blueberry bag :) I love it

  3. I am having such a great time reading everybody's lists! So many different viewpoints, yet some things are similar too :). Loved your list, especially the point about supporting 5 kids and the bungee jump!!

  4. Lol, and I thought I was the only one who thought that if I declared my plan, it would never happen.
    I am inspired, I'l chalk out my bucket list for 2013 tonight, and hope that both you & I fulfil every point, despite our superstition ;-)