Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holidays in 2011

Yes, 2011. Most of 2012 was spent in Chennai, being pregnant. But 2011 was a dream year in terms of holidays. Here we go... 

January - A weekend in Bombay where my Israel holiday was finalized

February - Weekend in Tirupati, where Button had his second 'mottai' and another holiday in Pondy (we stayed in Hotel Annamalai, which features in 'Talash' in the scene where Aamir rides the elevator with Kareena). 

March - Holiday in Israel, a dream come true in many ways. I traveled with a friend and sans family. After 2 years of being a SAHM, it was liberating. A thought that life does exist beyond the family unit. 

April - On a whim, went to Hyd for a weekend to visit my cousin and my friends there.

May - My most luxurious holiday ever in a Private Pool Villa at Orange County. Can't wait to go there again. 

June - Tea time in Munnar. Was a Club Mahindra holiday in a private cottage. 

July, August, September - This was a 'drought' quarter! We did some day trip to Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam and some temple visits. Also Button had started 'big school' and we were busy settling him in and preparing for various school events. 

October - The tide turned with a holiday to Trivandrum. We had a blast meeting the husband's cousin's family and taking Button on his first zoo trip. 

November - Another 'girls' only trip with 2 super-fun friends of mine... this time to Kolkata and Dhaka! We had an awesome time shopping crazily and eating all kinds of street food. 

December - In the first week of December, I went to Bangalore to attend the wedding of my friend. Met up with my B-school gang after ages and oh, what a memorable time we had! 
And to top off the year, went to Goa with my 'soul gang' and had an awesome time in every way! 

While going off on a whim is going to be tougher with a young baby AND a school going child, I do live in hope! Like my dear travel companion says "I live for traveling"! Here's to wanderlust. 


  1. How fun! So very J of your 2011. My 2011 was all about BF, changing nappy and learning to be a mom :)Cant complain but still so J

  2. wow! lucky u..come back to Mumbai to start the cycle again :))

  3. wow..that sounds like a super fun 2011..lovely!

  4. A trip without the kids - that is my current holy grail.

  5. 2011 seemed like a kicker year. Your blog made me think now about my travel plans for 2013. :)

  6. Hey,
    This is aparna (sanjay, IIMB, JnJ - hope u connect the dots!) - connecting after a long time! Realized you were in the Marathon bloggers group as well.
    Congrats on the new baby and happy new year! Will be following your blog.
    And from one avid traveller to another - taking off with 2 small kids is not difficult, just requires a wee bit more planning and double the patience :)

  7. You have a nice blog here. I came here after hopping some links - quite randomly - and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed my stay! :)