Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Memories

(Albin - left extreme) Much after we finished school
Christmas always brings to mind my first 'Christian' friend - Albin John. Am not even in regular contact with him anymore, but I ALWAYS think of him every Christmas  It was in Class 4 or 5 that I realized that there are multiple Gods and that my 'best' friend prayed to someone called Jesus. On Christmas, his parents would invite some other friends and me for cake (s) and treats. That was the routine EVERY christmas until class X, when we discovered finally that he was a boy and me a girl, and of course we all know that "ek jawaan ladka aur ek jawaan ladki kabhi dost nahin ban sakte"! (multiplied many times by number of girls and boys who used to go for the Xmas party).

(Jayanti - right extreme) On my first trip to a mall - Alsa mall 
Fast forward to college. I was in a girls college. In my second year, I was introduced for the first time to a "Christma-ChristChild" game. Basically a Secret Santa game. For fifteen days leading to the Christmas holidays, we gave our Christchild(s) tasks to do, silly instructions like plaiting one's hair or buying a samosa for the entire gang, and small gifts like pens and chocolates until the day of the big reveal. My christchild 'Jayanthi Dhanraj' was also my christma, and what's more, shares her b'day with Albin! She was my second Christian friend - one I remember with great fondness for instilling in me a certain respect for good appearances no matter what the circumstance, expressing love for my sister (the way she did with hers) and a certain modicum of street-smartness (though am still quite naive in many ways).

Christmas Tree 2012
The next wave of Christmas celebrations was only after Button turned 3 and demanded a Christmas tree. So Baby Jesus and his story was finally read by me and told in an easy-to-comprehend story to Button. Of course, he called himself Baby Jesus for sometime and me Mother Meera :) Funnily, my son is really scared of mascots of any kind and that includes Santa. Last year, we were at Park Sheraton having coffee on Christmas eve. They had done up their entire lobby to reflect the festive season. Predictably a Santa ho-hoed his way with chocolates and stockings towards Button. It was quite amusing to see his reaction - he howled and screamed and ran AWAY from Santa. Quite a contrary reaction compared to all other kids there who gravitated towards Santa. Of course, this had quite an impact on the Lobby Manager who gave Button a special hamper with lots of extra chocolate and apologized to us for scaring our kid.

This year's Santa story. Last night I told Button how Santa comes in through the chimney. He insisted on covering the chimney with a newspaper until I showed him pics on real chimneys (Thank you Google images). Next, he said being in India, Santa would not be able to come at midnight, but would come early in the morning (Button is also a bit scared of the dark). But his enthusiasm in the morning to see his presents under the tree almost made a Santa believer out of me. The joys of a festival are most reflected in a child's eyes. No wonder I am gravitating towards multiple rituals to give Button (and now Twinkle) some childhood memories. Next year, I plan to get into some craft activities too(although I am clumsy as hell and have no creative bone in my body). All to give Button a set of memories of things he did with his mom as a child. Child is the father of man, eh?

Special mention this year to online friends (Marathon Bloggers, Blogfriends) for Santas for me. Loving the spirit.

Merry Xmas readers! May the bearded red man bring sackfuls of gifts, good health, cheer and fun times in the year to come. 


  1. A really warm post :) Merry Christmas

  2. What an interesting train of thought. Wish Button a lifetime of happy memories

  3. its true.. christmas reminds me of my first christian fren too.. and her moms cake..