Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Virgin at the Gym!

I have always been a tad more 'prosperous' than is the norm. Usually no more than 10% of the standard weight for my height, say 4 - 5 kgs overweight at best. Once I had my son, things steadily started going downhill. I began to steadily buy a larger pair of jeans every 6 months. I did not stop to think the effect of eating on my body. A short while after delivering Button (the older one), I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I used it as a crutch to continue piling on the pounds. Nary a thought about jeans size (you DO get really large sized jeans provided you know where to look). In 2010, I moved from Bombay to Chennai. In Chennai, the pressure to lose weight is even lower, many pretty and plump maamis in town! I did drop a few kilos, mostly by sweating them out, thanks to the Sun God. After my second one, Twinkle, was born,I was 25 kgs more than my prescribed weight.

Two things subsequently happened - I wanted to be healthy for my daughter. I remember the taunts and jibes that I listened to as I grew up (and certainly do not want that for my daughter). Secondly, I found this lovely red top that I have (3 sizes smaller) that I LOVED wearing and had somehow forgotten about. So began my quest for fitness. I am not aspiring to be a svelte modelesque size 0, but I do want to be healthier and back to less than 10% over my standard body weight. I ate healthy and was back to pre-pregnancy weight in just 3 months.

Now I am working on the first pregnancy's weight gain. I have at least 15 more kilos to drop. Long way to go, but I try to do a mix of 80-20 (Aerobics:Weight training) at least 3 times a week. The whole of April, I devoted my gym time to blogging. Yes, the A-Z challenge. It was a challenge I was determined to complete, and between childcare and looking after my parents (who had health challenges in April) and completing my story-telling course, I let my fitness routine slip. Like Barney Stinson would say "Big Mistake".

And then, like he says , because I was sad, I became awesome! This May, I am working on a 26 days of gymming (my personal challenge for the month). Okay, I know 'gymming' is an Indian English word, cut me some slack okay?! I am blogging about this because public announcements always helps me stay committed.

So here's what happened this morning at the gym. I was cycling and listening to Madonna. And without realizing it, I started singing LOUDLY! Which song? "Touched for the very first time, like a viiirrrrgin". Yes, I got "THE LOOK" quite a bit, but made a couple of friends too. :) 


  1. LOL :D Reading the title of the post, I thought we'd be in for a juicy story... you dashed our hopes, Meera! :D
    Love your commitment for a healthy and fitter you! All the very best! Would love to see your before and after pics :D

  2. I can relate so much to this account. I put on some kilos after my pregnancies, and have been trying to lose them ever since. The effort continues.

  3. Cool story...

    Aside, gaining weight is so much easier that shedding those awful kilos... Been there...Done that and still aspiring!

  4. Wow... way to go.. hope you reach your dream very soon. Did you know that meditation and mind control help in weight loss?

  5. A big Hy five to U !
    I did gym in april too though was irregular due to few unexpected travel plans. Gym eventually makes us feel good . Losing weight will follow and U lost in 3 months - thats some inspiration I can take
    ALL THE BEST dear

  6. A gym virgin - is what I am! Nah - just kidding - been there tried that and gave up. Public announcements - they help, unless you're shameless, like me. Wishing you better luck! ♥

  7. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    Wow !! Good to know you are working on loosing weight. It requires great dedication and commitment. Infact I lost weight during the A to Z challenge due to the stress ha ha ...Good luck..I'm sure you'll succeed Meera :)

  8. hahahah!! Love it! Hypothyroidism does make matters more challenging but looks like you are one determined lady! Love it!! Wishing you all the best and definitely want to see a photo of you wearing that pretty red top!

  9. Wishing you luck with your weight loss. You are brave to make a public announcement.