Saturday, May 04, 2013

Day 4: In my cup

"The taste that gets you started up, the taste that gets you going on...Nescafe! Pa ra rap pap pap"
Remember the jingle, with that pretty girl doing a dance?

True Fact: Tam brahms are sometimes ridiculed when they ask for Nescafe (Ca pronounced to rhyme with ray, and fe pronounced like you would in kni'fe'). How do I know? Well, I am one of them. I cannot stand filter coffee being murdered. So if my mom doesn't make my filter coffee, I'd rather drink instant coffee :)

ps: Which pic do you prefer?


  1. The first one... love the play of light in it

  2. I prefer the second a clear view of the world behind the bars after a filter kaapi or instant coffee
    I love filter coffee too
    Good day

  3. Making filter-coffee is an art, not everybody can master it.

    First pic. The colour of the coffee is much more clear and visible.

  4. Hey, this is the first coffee picture I saw in today's post. I have a squarish cup with Deepika's autograph.
    I love both the pics. The first one focuses on coffee, while the second one gives perspective. Keep both :-)

  5. Love both the photos, but not coffee :)

  6. I had a similar cup long back....and I was in love with it and of course with coffee also :D Lovely pics!!

  7. errr def first for "in the cup" ;)

  8. ah! the bliss of drinking mom-made Filter coffee first thing in the morning!!

    I stick to Nescafe instant too, because it comes very close to filter coffee taste (not completely, but its there!)
    I love the first pic because I can almost smell the coffee here!!! :)

  9. I like Nescafe too...but cold coffee.

  10. I love both the pic Meerah <3