Thursday, May 02, 2013

Madness in May! (Days 1, 2)

As if blogging away in April was not enough, I am mad enough to accept a new challenge in May, this time a photo challenge. I fancy myself as having an eye for photographs, although I am yet to invest in a good camera or develop my skills professionally. Anyway, I jump in, with eyes wide open, hands ready on the 'click' button and a heart full of hope! 

The challenge: To post a pic each day as per the topic list below: 

Day 1: I Bought This: I missed the first day. C'mon, it was May Day yesterday, labor holiday :) That didn't stop me from shoppign though. We bought these lovely red crocs for Button. 

Day 2: Morning Ritual: No morning goes by without cuddling up Button. He is the older one, he is going to turn 5 soon, he is already all angles and planes and soon he'll be telling me off. I cherish these hugs and early morning kisses not only because I know they are numbered, but also because there is something fantastic about a warm and cuddly child, full of sleep, yet filled with brightness and joy about the day to come. 


  1. Love the colour of the Crocs... Aaryan had these a few years ago too!
    That's a cute morning ritual and the best is that think about it, brings smiles all through out the day! :)

  2. Awwww...this is so cute!! I love morning cuddles too... :)

  3. Love your blog header, Cuckoo... those tulips are beautiful!

    Say is it just me, or do you guys also wonder why such footwear wasn't around when we were kids?

    The second pic seems a bit blurred... over-exposure or something ???

  4. That's the best morning ritual and good to see that u took up this challenge too ;)

  5. That is some effect you have added!

    Akhil Kalsh

  6. Those crocs are lovely!! Are they comfy?
    And your morning ritual made me smile :)

  7. Your crocs look like water melon. And a cuddling the kid is so cute.

  8. Oh my Meera <3 Love the pics. So glade you are in this with us ;)