Tuesday, March 11, 2008



More than the other side of Rainbow, I have been trying to catch up on life, doc appointments, work, family, holidays and home renovations in the last few weeks. We are trying to create more storage space in the house and for those who know the pigeon holes that pass off as houses in Mumbai, know how tough it is to create that space. And of course managing the carpenters and the dust factor. Sigh!

Despite all this work, there is a lot of excitement in life....I had a miraculous escape from certain death or (even worse)some kind of head injury a few days ago.. I usually sit on the floor with my back to the wall and my laptop perched on a one-foot high 3-legged plastic stool on one side of a room. On Monday, we got a computer shelf made and I moved to sitting on a chair and working on this table in the opposite corner of the same room. On Wednesday evening, I was working furiously to finish some work when I heard a loud crashing noise... I turned back to see that a 5 feet long Italian marble slab(weighing about 8 kgs) that lines the top portion of our window sill had broken into two large and several small pieces and had rained down on the EXACT same spot where I usually sit. I was truly shaken for once in life.

Yesterday, I caught a cold... I went to the kitchen to boil some tea... Just a split second before I lit the gas, I decided against tea and turned away, only to smell something strange. So I opened the garbage cupboard under the sink, inspected the washing machine area, behind the fridge etc. to realize that the gas had been inadvertently left turned on by the maid when she was cleaning it. Gas must've poured into the room for at least 20 minutes. A split second away from another accident.

Call me superstitious or something, but for once I have this desire to go to a temple and thank the Big Man smoking his pipe UP there!

Moving on, given that I have been tagged (saved from thinking about content for another post!), I re-read several of my earlier posts to fill in the blanks. Hey, I do write well sometimes (note 'sometimes'..ain't I modest?!)

The tag reads "Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 keywords given (family, friends, yourself, your love, and anything you like). Tag 5 other friends to do the same. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better. Don't forget to read the linked posts and leave comments!"

Family: One post with memories of childhood. Otherwise, several references.

Friends: CP's surprise b'day party and my Bangalore visit.

Yourself: In almost all posts! Most posts seem to be incidents, rather than emotions. My list of favourites.

Your Love: I don't seem to have written anything about my husband, except references here and there. Perhaps, his happy b'day wish?

Anything you Like: I have written extensively about one great love of mine - travel. The entire Leh series, Goa and my recent office tour. Also, about some movies(TZP, Cheeni Kum) and some books.

It was tough going through this listing, but am happy I did it! I tag these people to do it - Nutty, Y not, In Between, and ITW.

Have fun!


  1. woah! that is scary. take care of you. And I have to watch Michael Clayton again to figure out whether its 3000 or not. Looking at George Clooney for 2 hours. Such a chore :-)

  2. phew!! talk about close calls!

    sorry about the tag - I just did it with Still Searching ... here's the link if you're interested :)


  3. hey I just realized that you even commented on it!! A very cryptic comment but still ... silly gurl! :)

  4. Lol! nice post! am glad u did it! the only one i hadn't read was the list of favs, and that was really nice!

    Damn, those were really close calls there!! Thank God you're ok!

  5. thanks will do/ already ben tagged to do that several times

  6. Hey, i thought one was supposed to mention only 5 posts for this thing.

  7. That was close and you got out, touch wood! There has been these defining when I wanted to go to the temple. And yes, madam, you do write well! :)

  8. hey..thats really scary..you gonna make people smell the kitchen for the next couple of days..;-P

  9. Please take care. How scary...glad you're okay.

  10. # Blogerazzi: Delightful 'chore' indeed. We can do it together if you like.

    # Nutty: (sheepishly)I am getting older!

    # Still Searching: Thanks are there!

    # ITW: Okie-dokie.

    # Taz: Now you know my mathematical prowess!

    # Candid: Thanks are there! Shall keep blogging. Such a pleasant diversion really!

    # Matthew: Did that!In fact my maid got an earful, poor thing.

    # Chaits: Yup, doing great, all of us!

  11. OMG... Narrow escapes. Glad u got thru all of them.

    More Syndey snaps uploaded ..chk my blog.