Tuesday, April 02, 2013

B for Bhubaneswar and B School and Bhaina!

Two of my most memorable years were spent in Bhubaneswar, during my post-graduation there at a well-known B-School. I remember when I landed, I got my first language immersion...I asked for Xavier Square, and the auto driver told another that he was headed for "Jhabier Chakko"! 

With some friends at the 'Chakko'!

2 years in B-school there gave me ample time to explore the city. I am not going to write about the historical or cultural events there, but of the general 'feel' of the city. The joy of living there of course is embellished by nostalgia! 

What I loved about Bhubaneswar is the simplicity of the people there. It may not be true today, but 12 years ago, there were no Cafe Coffee Days, no tens of hotels and not even a multiplex. The state was limping back to normalcy after a devastating flood an year ago. The food was still local - no McDs and no KFCs yet. There were still tigers at Nandan Kanan zoo. And best of all, a general languor in the air. No body was in a hurry. People were interested in you, not just your work. Whatever you asked for, the answer would be "Gote minute, bhaina". Wait a minute, brother! That the minute could range from 1 to 15 is another matter :) 

While the place may have changed, my memories are safely bottled away for my pensieve :) 


  1. Nice to read about the lesser known capital city - especially in terms of the feel and people. Came here from the Azedders group on FB :-)

  2. Jhabier Chakko reminded me of Hughes Road in Mumbai - Huge-es road by the taxi cab driver.

  3. College days are the best! I just remember by school summer holidays in Puri with a quick trip to see the Konark temple in between!

  4. Laughing out loud @ Jhabier Chakko and "Gote minute, bhaina". Wait a minute, brother! That the minute could range from 1 to 15 is another matter :D ... each city has its own unique characteristics and attributes :)

  5. Old for sure is gold
    Precisely at the time u mentioned I visited Bhubaneswar but I was a kid then so memories are hazy but I loved Nandan Kanan ZOO and also the konark, beach and much more
    enjoyeed my stay thr !

  6. Jhabier Chakko is so funny. Those cities are the best in which time is truly stretchable. Teaches you patience.

  7. We were there for two years from 95-98 . The b-school was just behind our colony and we woul go for our evening walks there . No noises.Just the sound of bird songs :)

  8. Jhabier Chacko is priceless. Memories are good that way.They can be bottled forever :)

  9. A few good memories...thanks for sharing them.

    Damyanti @Daily(w)rite
    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  10. Small towns have such a special feel to them, don't they? Have never been to Orissa - must rectify that soon.

  11. The good old days...:-)

  12. Not only never heard of this place, but I'm not sure I can even pronounce it. It's fascinating to vicariously journey to places I will probably never see in person. Thank you!

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