Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wonder of Xmas in Disneyland

I missed my W post. I almost missed my X post too, thanks to the internet cable being relaid around the building. I was actually wishing for a fairy Godmother to help me complete these 2 letters and hey presto! It was magic :) Who more to exemplify magic and joy and presents than Santa. So that being the train of thought, I almost started blogging about the annual ritual of buying and installing our X mas tree. Then I remembered a Christmas that still holds special memories. The one we spent at Disneyland.

Disneyland is a magical place. Its as much for adults who are basically big children as it is for children who are small adults! On X mas it becomes EVEN more magical (yes!). We were treated to a special parade. The fireworks were extra special too.

A word for those who are yet to visit Disneyland. The rides et al are nice, no doubt, some thrilling, some fun, some experiential. But the area to NOT miss is the one for small children - the ToonTown. Its amazing how Mickey and Gang come to life. The tea parties and little houses and small chairs and the costumes and colors... just takes you back to childhood and almost makes you a believer! My husband had to literally drag me outta there.

The year we went, Santa was Australian! Hence the summery shirt. Of course I sat on his lap and walked away with a lolly, whaddya think?

Here's to the goodness of spirit. On a serious note, I do hope the innocence of childhood prevails, given the spate of rapes and child crimes in our country (and some others around the world).


  1. What a cute picture and I'm sure you made Santa's day! ;)

  2. Xmas in disney land thats like wow !!
    I wud love to visit disney land one day :)
    Hav a good time

  3. A toast to goodness ...nice warm post :)

  4. I love this post. The way you've described Disneyland, it sounds like so much fun. And I love that you allowed your inner kid to come out and play. :)

    Have fun with the last few letters of a-z. :)

  5. Nice post!
    And as Afshan said.... It's awesome to celebrate Xmas in Disney land!
    Beautiful pic too! :)

  6. Xmas at Disney is magical. Love your pic with Santa.

  7. The innocence of childhood... so rightly said!

  8. Awesome is the word for You as you celebrated Christmas in Disneyland.
    Awesome is the word for the Santa... for he got a lovely lady to pose with him! ;)