Friday, April 19, 2013

Rage or Rape?

She flew at him trying to hit him with her puny limbs.

He ducked but came at her.

She tried to move out of his line of vision.

He only changed position and eyed her again, grinning all the time.

She was small.

He was big, oh so big.

She tried to bite him, try to attack him from behind.

He laughed evilly and muttered "I WILL get you, I won't let you escape so easily".

She was mighty scared, her heart was pounding oh-so-loudly.

His blood rushed to his head, he was working himself up to get her.

She looked for ways to escape, couldn't spot any.

He swooped in then, clapping his hands in glee, he was brutal in his attack.

She pleaded for help, screamed, kicked and fought.

But he went at her again and again, didn't stop till he drew blood, till she died.

He then brushed his hands on his pants, and called out to his wife, "Will you please light the mosquito coil earlier? I have to kill a dozen mosquitoes each night!"

Did I hear you heave a sigh of relief that it was about rage?! What did you think it was about? Yes, RAGE could've very well been RAPE, right? Read this article yesterday about the 5 year old girl battling for life at New Delhi and my heart sank. Educate your child to speak out, be careful and learn self-defence. CSA is more prevalent than you think. Prevent it. Please.

* And as for that mosquito? I am sure she went to heaven  for not harming anyone :)

ETA: The idea behind this post is not to trivialize rape, but to show the demonic side of the 'man' who wants to show his 'power' over the innocent victim. Yes, rape victims are ALWAYS innocent, nothing ought to move the man to commit the heinous crime of rape, not the sight of legs, eyes or breasts, not a burqua, a bikini or bodysuit. Its a satire, got that Ms.M? Thank you for your email nonetheless! 


  1. Ah! Thank God for the twist, which is simply brilliant!
    Reading this made me think of the 5-year-old girl who was brutally raped today and is battling for life. :|

  2. I had my heart in my mouth all the time !

  3. On the edge of my seat...:) Loved the anti climax :)

    But as you said, it is the same - rage and rape. Heart wrenching story there:( - When will we reform?

  4. This is heart wrenching...well, put together.

  5. I breathed a sigh of relief. Very sad to read about the little 5 year old.

  6. You really got me there I was beginning to tuck my face behind a cushion while reading this.
    Like everyone, I am as disgusted at the events from Delhi and its highly unfortunate that even the law enforcement teams are not acting immediately. Sad!

  7. I watched the news just today morning
    I don't know what can be done . A horrifying crime during CSA awareness month . Didn't get what miss M's mail didn't see news in detail . Could not may be chinese should make lingerie for women from 5 to 100 years

    1. Afshan, M sent me an email privately saying she was offended by my post for it seemed that I was comparing the 5 yr old to a mere mosquito. And hence my clarification. I do not intend making public that email.

  8. Oh God, I am so thankful this is not about rape. My eyes were almost welling up, thank God for the twist!!

  9. I do agree rape is all about the show of power as well as an extreme case of inferiority complex and insecurity.

    I had a similar post many moons back so was able to expect a bit of that ending.


  10. My heart went out for the 5 year old, I have no words.. you have done a great job !

  11. I skipped a beat...or two.

  12. Brilliantly written - it served as a good reminder of the fear and the cruelty of it all. You are not being trivial and I'm sorry someone chose to misunderstand what you wrote - probably they don't read the rest of your writing.

  13. I was indeed relieved but you're right that it is the same kind of rage and demonic emotions shown.

  14. Terrible what happened...
    disgusts me what happens in our country every day...
    disgusts me as a human being...
    animals are so much better..

    wonderfully composed post... :)

  15. thank god this rage is not rape-- sadistic and demonistic is what I can say about the brutal attack on the 5 yr old. immense fury and rage wells within me -----