Monday, April 29, 2013

Yaks galore.

The yaks are also sisters I guess, yakking away :) I was really stunned when my tethered yak moved forward. This pic was clicked off Manali, a mere 5 seconds before the yak charged forward. I have never sat on a yak after that.

Another memory yaks bring is of course the thick creamy yak milk I had at Leh, in a small little home (in Diskit), in 2007. The yak milk is like drinking full-fat milk, with the fat 5 times over. I could barely have a thimbleful.

When I visited Shillong, over a decade ago, I had the opportunity to sample a sweet that an old lady gave me in a tiny little tea shop, on the highway from Guwahati to Shillong. It was raining and I was shivering. She gave me a little sweet (looked like a barfi) and asked me to keep chewing it. She said if you chew it out completely, you'll feel totally warm, but you cannot stop chewing. So I chewed and chewed and chewed...and chewed.... and chewed. The sweet refused to melt or break down into pieces. It stopped raining and I stopped feeling cold. After a while, my gums threatened to fall off in protest, so I just kept sucking it.

On the way back, I stopped at the same lady's shop and asked her what it was. The wizened old woman said "Its not the sweet, but the philosophy. When you are cold, when you are sad, if you focus on the activity at hand, you will not feel the pain. We make this specially for our kids and old during winter. Its nothing but solidified yak's milk". I was stumped. Philosophy so true, offered so practically, a nugget that I treasure in my head to remind me that I should do my duty always. Bhagawad Gita in a nutshell, eh?


  1. I have eaten this as well but I dont agree with the philosophy. The hard thing just increased my problems !!


  2. Very nice post...great trivia and a valuable lesson wrapped up!

  3. I sat on a yak few years back on a visit to sikkim n yea i was freaked out considering the are walking on mlted snow.... eeee!!!

  4. Loved the nugget of wisdom meera; gita in a nutshell indeed !

  5. wowow !
    Thats some lesson the old lady taught . If u divert the mind U may forget the pain . Just wow and U have been all over the world lady
    Manali , shillong wah !

  6. The wisdom of simple people always awes me! Thanks for sharing this, Meera.
    Love the pic of the yakking sisters.

  7. Nice philosophy and thanks for sharing your memories.

  8. Whole post about Yak's where can I find it in Hyderabad at this time of the day :(
    Can't wait for my NE trip!