Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Images in my head

Struggled with finding a topic to blog on today.... not my usual style, but sleeplessness, long travel, 2 kids and no maid caused tremendous stress and fatigue. So I resorted to some pics from my arsenal (loosely images, get the drift, eh?),  just so I don't miss my letter of the day. 

Tomorrow is anther day said the wise Scarlett, and well, I just agree!

No matter which country you live in, you want to prettify yourself eh? Why not look good when you are fighting for your rights! 
A poster outside a beauty parlor in Nablus, Palestine

I bet you thought now or a long time ago, that all Arab women were repressed eh? Nor your fault, blame it on the media. Here's a stunner in Palestine flaunting her to-die-for red boots!

And children have their likes, no matter which part of the world! These teletubby slippers in a marketplace in disputed Palestine.

When I clicked the pic below, in a small eatery near the Dead Sea, the waiters were cringing in embarrassment at having been 'outed' by an Indian!
Aspirational India, huh? 
Its true. Hardcore Israelis wear their nationalistic pride on their chest. And its horrible that these people exists.
Iran, take care!

In Jerusalem, its wonderful to be able to travel back in time and experience religion intimately. Prayers come alive and bring a deep sense of spirituality, no matter what religion you practice (provided you want to absorb the sense of peace a brother from another mother wants to give you!) 
Do you recognize this familiar grace?

Now you do!

Religion doesn't confine you. It sets you free! Lets you feel the wind in your hair, or on your pate!
Buddhist Monk in Bylekuppe, Coorg

Kids sometimes thrill you with their acts. In a tiny, poor village in Bangladesh, these 2 kids who had next to nothing ran about trying to find some flowers for their Indian guests! Humbling, eh?
 We took a pic with these weavers' children and practiced English with them for some time.
Madam aunty, Madam aunty & kids!
 And you thought you need to go to Harrods to get the finest bone China? Ha ha! Maybe you can book a ticket to Dhaka instead.
Exports shop selling chinaware in Dhaka
 There is something magical about the Himalayas. This was love at first sight.
The clouds cleared... a vision in majesty!
 When you climb up thousands of feet(albeit in a car) and absorb the extent of hostile territory that your army has to protect, the sight of an Indian flag makes you weep. Jai Jawan!
Khardungla, Ladakh
Something magical about finding a branch of your school in a small tiny hamlet en route Siachen glacier.
Kendriya Vidyalaya mahaan shreya hai! 
Rosy cheeked, naughty as ever! They look as Indian to me as my kids do, why discriminate on basis of features?
In a hamlet close to the Chinese border, Ladakh
 No wise cracks please! Am sure they did NOT study in a KV!
I wish they could've had a better English teacher though!

Whether you have one kid or ten, the first birth experience is always etched in memory. The Bombay monsoon broke the day my son decided to make his way to this planet. 
View from a room in Breach Candy hospital

If you can't have an iPhone, why not a pillow instead?! 
In a Chinese market, Chinatown, SG

Good words can be found anywhere, and wise ones can be of any age!
In a bus in SG

Something about rains that always make me happy!

Children are amazing to observe and learn from. The smallest of things that you don't even notice anymore give them reason to pause and play for hours on end. My son, at 14 months, used to be fascinated by the sunset (of which we had a GREAT view at Prabhadevi, Bombay)
The curiosity on seeing the sun rays still grabs my attention


  1. I loved ths post! U took me to so many places in a single post.. Like! like!

  2. Wow meera
    After seeing these pics I felt like I travelled some 50 places
    These could have made all the a to z posts
    The pics and descriptions are so apt
    Lovely !!

  3. Impressive and interesting images!
    LOL @ I-Phone pillows :D
    Your son is so cute, love his expression :)

  4. Wow! pics from around the world...loved it.

  5. Meera! Thanks for the quick and great travel through your pics. I loved each and every one and especially those with kids in them :)

  6. Lovely blog! Good choice for the letter "I"!

  7. What wonderful places you have been to!

  8. Thanks for transferring the images in your head to this post so we can all travel with you. Loved it. My favourite is the Himalayas - they are a sight to behold - truly majestic and spiritual.

  9. I absolutely loved this post !!!! I for Images... why didn't I think that !!!! Superb post and loved the pictures... the ones where you post with the weavers kids is super cute ! H for himalayas... sigh.. ! Super :D

  10. Great pictures, I love how you weaved them together to create a story!